Mama + Mini Matching with Old Navy

this post brought to you in collaboration with Old Navy. special thank you to Jamie Denholm Photography for capturing our mama and mini looks!

I am so excited to share today’s post! I have partnered with Old Navy to share some darling looks for Spring in celebration of Mother’s Day coming up this weekend. inspiration with their mini matching looks- I personally love the floral and gingham with pops of color and style mixed in between.

sweet Baylor even got into the gingham spirit with his little gingham romper. also.. the thumb sucking is off the charts SWEET. Jolie has been my only thumb sucker and maybe we will have another out of Baylor?! my oldest and my youngest 🙂

 as a postpartum mama attempting to dress her postpartum body I first came across these boyfriends jeans on a fellow mama friend and decided that I needed them asap! the fit, the rise, the  perfect amount of distressing in the knees. I love them!! perfectly comfortable and true to size for getting down on the floor with my littles- right where they need me to be!

I’m digging all the bright patterns and endless combinations Old Navy offers right now! ya’ll know how much I love coordination 🙂 more than any other role in my life thus far, being a mom is about finding the joy in the crazy, the imperfect, and mostly messy moments.. right along with those absolutely perfect moments sprinkled in between. focusing on squeezing more fun into this life- as motherhood is everything and nothing like I expected it to be!   

May 10, 2019

  1. Rikki says:

    love your style Amber! Darling family!