Bucket List :: New York, NY Part II

our last full day in NYC was spent with walking, eating, and more walking. we took the recommendation of local mom I met at the BEABA event to eat at the Italian restaurant, Gemma, for Sunday brunch. it wasn’t your typical biscuits and gravy cafe meal we get here in Texas and it was SO delicious. I love new york  from our spot on the patio we could see a fire station and made a point to walk by after breakfast.  most of the the stations had a tiller truck in the house; a special kind of fire truck, specific for tiny city streets, that has two steering wheels and two drivers- one to manage the front tires and one to manage the back tires. the city of Irving, where Jordan works, only has one tiller.  naps in the sling. Baylor was the best little babe the entire trip! we carried him around all day and he napped an hour or two here and there while we walked around and happily enjoyed our stroll in the city as much we we did! nursing breaks gave us a good reason to stop and rest our feet and get a drink/coffee/snack. we did not bring a stroller and the Ergo 360 Cool Air carrier proved to be the best last minute purchase for our trip!  our last night we decided to skip dinner at a restaurant and grabbed gyros from a food cart in Central Park and picked a spot to watch the sunset. a must have in NYC: Magnolia Bakery. we picked dessert on our way back to the hotel before calling it a night. Jordan got the banana pudding, too.. and he said it tasted like his mom’s 🙂  the most beautiful part of the city was the amazing structures and history surrounding them.  we spent so much time on this trip admiring the cathedrals, giant buildings, and lights! so many lights. we loved it so much we have already planned another trip. the week of the NYC Christmas tree lighting happens to be the week of Parker and Jolie’s birthday..  so we booked a birthday trip with the big girls to bring them to experience the city: broadway shows, good morning America, ice skating, and of course, see the most epic christmas tree lighting ever! cant wait to go back!

June 17, 2019

  1. Jessica says:

    There is nothing like New York at Christmas time. The store window displays are incredible. If you can , get tickets ( suggest ahead of time) to the Radio City Rockets ” Christmas Spectacular”. They put on a very fun , entertaining show that your girls ( and y’all ) would love . Not to mention the venue is awesome. Now I want to go back! 🙂

  2. Rachel says:

    Where are your nude/tan slides from in the fifth pic? Adorable photos!