Bucket List :: New York, NY Part I

our bucket list trip, well, MY bucket list trip to NYC was such a blast. just me, my favorite guy, and a pretty cute babe. I took to Instagram for tips and tricks for traveling with a baby.. he’s the first kid of the five to go on an airplane!

 nearly every single mama suggested to nurse him on take off and landing, and I did just that! we scheduled the flight just a little later than his normal nap time at home and he fell asleep pretty quickly and napped in my lap for about 2 of the 3 hour flight! I dont always wear “nursing friendly” tops and tend to just lift up my shirt to feed, but for the flight I made sure to have buttons so that I could nurse him wherever he needed to as discreetly as I could.  we landed mid-afternoon, but in New York that was the start of “rush hour” on a Thursday afternoon- ha! it took almost an hour to get 8 miles from the airport to our hotel at 3pm. we stayed at the Omni Berkshire Hotel and found THE BEST DEAL on an app called hotel tonight. our trip was relatively last minute and we booked our flights and hotel within about a week of leaving and was recommended that I look on this app for booking a hotel at a reasonable price. basically, type in your city and hotel tonight will pull any hotel that has availability looking to fill their rooms, so they discount their prices quite a bit! we got a rather large suite at the Omni for more than half off of what it would have normally cost. this hotel was amazing, we will definitely be staying here again! it was centrally located and walking distance from Times Square. Times Square was so populated with people that we only went there once to walk around and say we saw it but mostly stuck to the quaint neighborhoods in Manhattan and loved it!! the entire trip was planned around a luncheon I was invited to by Béaba. I have been using their baby cook machines since the twins were babes and was so excited to have to opportunity to connect with them in person! they invited a few other mama influencers and bloggers as well as a handful of local NYC bloggers- it was a small gathering of moms, their babies, and a few husbands 🙂 when I got the invitation for the party on that Friday, we planned for our trip to be extended by a few days to actually experience the city over the weekend and leave on Monday instead!

the baby cook can not only be used for making baby food, but adult beverages as well- ha!  the party was on the rooftop of the Ink48 hotel in Manhattan. literally THE BEST view of the bay and the city. I was completely taken back by the NYC skyline- it looks as if we were watching it on the movie screen. my jumpsuit is from Pinkblush; shoes are Steve Madden (SO comfortable, I walked all over NYC wearing these) and Baylor is in the WildBird sling.my sweet man + the best views! that night we decided to see about finding tickets to the Yankees game- we couldn’t come to NYC and NOT see the stadium. we found some great seats on StubHub and studied the Subway as best we could to figure out how to take it to the stadium in the Bronx. we learned very quickly that it is remarkably cheap to take the subway when we could instead of an Uber. $11 roundtrip versus $70 for one way was much more affordable 🙂  little buddy enjoyed his first official baseball game, too!the next morning we headed off for breakfast! an overwhelming amount of people suggested SaraBeth’s for Brunch, so we were super pumped to check it out!we decided to head to the location in TriBeca where another NYC mama recommended as a family friendly location – the weather was absolutely perfect so we sat on their patio and watched the children’s festival going on across the street and families of all shapes and sizes  funneled through with their young kids and dogs.. it was fascinating! it was such a low key neighborhood it was the perfect place to stroll through on a Saturday morning.   goat cheese + spinach egg white omelet with chicken apple sausage. SO good. after breakfast we headed over to the World Trade Center Memorial and Museum. last time Jordan visited New York  was just a few months after 9/11 and this entire area was rubble. we stood at the memorial in silence among a sea of people just trying to soak it all in. there were a random placement of white roses on names of those and a sign near the second pool explained that the roses signified that person’s birthday. we went into the museum and basically walked through in tears. it was emotionally overwhelming to read all the things I already knew about that day in history- an experience I will never forget. standing in front of the pieces of equipment and watching footage taken during recovery of that day pretty much had me tears the entire time.  after we spend a good two hours in the museum we walked across the street a little way to have a late lunch at Eataly. Jordan ordered a salad + flatbread pizza and I had an appetizer  made with goat cheese, basil, and honey. ALSO.. the single rosé option they had on their menu was the best I have ever had. after lunch we hopped on a short subway ride (we took the C train and got off at 10th ave.) and hiked ourselves over to the High Line. TONS of you guys recommend that we make it over to walk this amazing elevated park that runs from Chelsea to Hudson Yards. aside from the gorgeous view of the city this park’s history is the coolest part. it was once a running railroad that went out of use in 1980. we grabbed an iced coffee and walked the 1.5 mile stretch full of wildflowers, outdoor art, and lots of people 🙂 we made a stop into Chelsea Market to see what we could see.. that place was FULL of delicious food and shopping..and the biggest Anthropologie I have ever been in. we ended our day in another park. THE park :: Central Park. just as cool as you might imagine it to be!ok, the recap of the second half of our trip to come 🙂

June 12, 2019

  1. Alison says:

    Your last outfit in this post (the one where you’re nursing) is EVERYTHING. Understated, comfortable and cool. ???? I have been searching for a nursing-friendly undershirt that has a higher neckline. It looks like you have one on here? If so, would you mind sharing where you purchased it? I know you get a million q’s…you are so kind to share your life with us internet peeps. ♥️

  2. Vy says:

    Can we please get details on your last outfit? I love it! And can’t wait for your next blog post. I always look forward to them 🙂

    • amber says:

      Sure! Jean jacket if from Abercrombie! t-shirt from Yankee stadium and Lululemon leggings 🙂 Shoes are 574 New Balance!