2019 holiday gift guide :: for your favorite guy

Faithful Rhythms Planner:: this planner is so much more than a planner! it’s a tool for cutting down on the distractions around us and setting up healthy rhythms for our lives. It focuses on what you’re learning, how to be intentional throughout your day and how to set goals and keep track of them. I love this as a gift for Jordan, but could totally see this being perfect for anyone! I’ve got it on the list for Jordan, his dad, and myself! use code Preorder2019 for 20% off when you order before Black Friday!

Ancestry DNA Kit:: ever wonder what you’re made of? I’ve had so many friends do their DNA testing to trace their ancestry and the results are always fascinating! I love this as a gift for Jordan, not just to learn his history, but because his DNA marks part of our kids’ stories too, and I think it would be amazing to pass on to them!

Patagonia Puff Jacket :: Jordan likes to be outdoors, whether hiking, hunting or fishing…his jackets have to be made of quality materials and be able to take a lot of wear and tear. I always know we can count on Patagonia. This one is perfect because it’s lightweight but will keep our men nice and warm. Plus, it packs up into its own little travel bag to easily throw in backpack if needed! you can use my discount code AMBER15 for 15% off! 

Texas Craft Steaks:: we are always on the hunt for quality foods and meats to feed our family and we have never been disappointed with Texas Craft Steaks. Their steaks are always responsibly raised and hormone free. don’t know your man’s favorite cut of steak? they also offer gift cards! I’ve gifted these for Father’s Day before and they were a huge success, so I know Jordan will love when Santa slips a TCS gift card in his stocking this year. you can use code MASSEYCHRISTMAS for 10% off when you’re purchasing a gift card! 

Apple Air Pods Pro:: Jordan is an Apple nerd. the kind of nerd that watches the live press conferences about new updates and releases. Apple just released the new update to their Air Pods and I know one guy who has them on his list to Santa. Jordan will love them for working out, working in the yard or for listening to his favorite podcasts. plus, they now come adjustable to the size of your ear and are noise cancelling, which may or may not come in handy around here.

Hardcore Carnivore Book and Spices: how clever is the idea of gifting the Hardcore Carnivore cookbook to go along with the steaks? Jess started as a blogger who created her own spice blends and recipes and then decided to share them with the world. can’t wait to reap the benefits of this Christmas gift!

Adjustable Memory Foam Cooling Pillow:: you know that amazing feeling when you flip your pillow at night and it’s cool on the other side? this pillow ALWAYS feels like that! I like my man to get a good night’s sleep and will probably grabbing him one for home and one for the fire station. 

Waterproof Speaker:: this would make the perfect gift for any guy- plus it is less than $25! they can take their favorite music, books or podcast on the go with this Bluetooth portable speaker…including the shower because this baby is waterproof!

Nike Backpack:: this would be a great back pack for travelling, sports or just carrying all the things that come along with our small circus. Jordan will appreciate the clean lines and super large front pocket.

Groove Life Watch Band:: we’ve been wearing Groove Life rubber ring bands for a while now, and we were both so excited when they came out with the Apple Watch band! it’s made to avoid the nasty wrist sweat you get with other brands and comes in tons of pattern/color options. One or two of these may stashed in a couple of our stockings come Christmas Eve. you can use my discount code MASSEY20 

Nike Shoes::when I asked some of my girl-friends what their husbands had on their Christmas wish list, these new Nikes were one of the big hits. they come in tons of color combos for the more adventurous man, but I think Jordan would like the classic black and white ones. 


November 20, 2019

  1. Jess says:

    The Texas Craft Steaks sounds awesome! Can’t wait to get that for my husband!