2019 holiday gift guide :: girls 6-8 years

Kiwi Co Kiwi Crate:: I can’t tell you what a huge hit these Kiwi Crates are for my big girls. I shared last night our cute thanksgiving place card project we got in our crate this month, and it is such a fun way option for screen free entertainment but also a great activity to do as a family! at this age, the crates really start focusing on science, art and other specific subjects and I’m really grateful for a fun way to expand on what they are learning in school. we love anything creative and hands on, and you can’t beat Kiwi Crate for that! you can try Kiwi for FREE (just pay the $4.95 shipping!) using my code MASSEYA.

 Owleez:: when the Christmas Catalogs started coming to our house, this was one of the toys that all my girls circled. they are basically the new and improved Hatchimal…except this one FLIES! I can already picture Christmas morning surrounded by owls whizzing around the room.. as long as I have my coffee and this flying toy doesn’t knock it over, I’m good with it.

Lucky Fortune Bracelets:: Parker and Jolie are all about the little gifts that encourage you to COLLECT THEM ALL like these Lucky Fortune Bracelets. hidden inside each fortune cookie is surprise little bracelet to trade with a friend! they are a perfect little stocking stuffer, and at a great price to gift to the girls’ besties for the holidays!

How Great is Our God Kids Devotion Book::. we are always looking for fun ways to teach our babes about God, and I can’t wait to get into this one. the girls are at an age when they are absorbing information like a sponge and this devotional is all about how God created the natural world around us. since my girls are seriously into nature and science I think this will be a great resource and a fun way to share The Word!

Zozu Baby Bows:: we have been wearing Zozu Baby bows for years now and they continue to be one of our favorite bow shops! I always make sure to check them out if I’m looking for something festive and I know Santa likes to throw a few in the stockings come Christmas Eve. now that Parker and Jo are getting a bit older, we have ventured into the scrunchies (mostly as a wrist accessory.. slamming me right back to my middle school years) and these acrylic clips that I will probably be borrowing for my own hair.

Karaoke Machine:: This is the perfect gift for all those kids that like to put on a show. I think even Brady will get his song on with this bad boy! I can’t tell you how many times a week we have to stop what we’re doing to watch a performance starring Jolie and Parker (with Baker and Brady as the back up dampers- ha!). this karaoke machine is really going to take things up a notch. it connects with Bluetooth and has disco lights for the ultimate family dance party! I am thinking Santa might be leaving this under the tree for the twins.  

Kitty Purse:: I always love to gift the girls some cute nail polishes or chap sticks and thought it would be such a cute idea to fill these little purses with all their new trinkets and accessories.  

Furry Chair:: the girls have a big furry bean bag in their reading nook in their room, but how fun would this folding hang around chair be as another option? we may have to grab one to throw in the playroom to create another cozy reading spot.. I am loving the look of this one, plus it is on sale!  

Sequin Jacket:: ombre? sequins? bomber style? does it get any cuter? Parker and Jolie are going to LOVE these, and I’m sure Baker would happily rock one as well. how cute would this be over some skinny jeans or with a skirt and some high-top sneakers? while using their new karaoke machine?!

Osmo Genius Starter Kit:: I have never seen or heard of the Osmo, but after chatting with a friend with similar age kids, this came highly recommended. it connects with your iPad and uses hand held tangrams, tiles, dice and number and brings them to life! this is a great way to combine problem solving skills, math, letters, spelling and vocabulary with FUN. they also have  a drawing application that actually teaches you how to draw objects! the twins have recently been carrying around a yellow paper tablet and drawing all kinds of things, I know this is right up their alley!! I actually cannot wait for them to open this one Christmas morning!

Step Tire Shoes:: I love the story behind these shoes! Step Tire shoes are made old tires from a North Texas waste plant. they clean up, refine and shape the old tire materials into the cutest and most comfy shoes ever. Jolie has a pair already that I can’t get off her feet! the best part? for every pair bought, the manufacturer provides materials to one of their other Step Tire factories around the world for another pair of shoes. this company cleans up the earth, provides jobs in impoverished areas and gives to the community around them! watch their full story about the amazing impression these shoes have on our planet . all tire tread is sourced from local tire shops in the DFW area- last week alone we kept 500 tires out of the landfill. while they are known for the tire sole, all the stitching material is made from recycled water bottles! I have fallen in love with the mission of these shoes and have partnered with Step Tire to bring you guys a special discount code! use my code: MASSEYA for 15% site wide! if between sizes, go down 🙂


November 19, 2019


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