2019 holiday gift guide : big boy 5-10 years

Nintendo Switch:: i’m pretty sure this has the been a must have gift for a couple of years now! some friends of ours have one of these and it’s seriously cool. you can play on the console itself or unsnap the controllers and hook it up to your tv and play with a group on the big screen. it’s a little pricy, but totally worth it for the hours of fun. 

Nerf Gun:: my nephew is a huge fun of the nerf gun…my sister in law, not so much. but we all know that sometimes as parents it’s worth it to suck it up and get them something they will LOVE. And I know he will LOVE this. I’m going to go ahead and link the extra nerf darts here so that you can replace that ones that will get lost from shooting this baby throughout the house. 

Dude Perfect Hat:: when I asked my friend what was on her son’s Christmas list, she mentioned some Dude Perfect Merch. which I immediately had to google since Brady and Baylor aren’t quite old enough for this and it lead me down the Dude Perfect YouTube rabbit hole. these guys are seriously NUTS!  praying for all you boy moms out there. 

NFL Gear:: Despite how Dem’ Boys might be playing this year, Dallas Cowboys merchandise is always a huge hit for any gift. obviously, we can’t all be Cowboys fans, but Rally House offers something for all the teams (College teams too!), so you’re sure to find something for your little fan. Spring for the jersey, snag a t-shirt or grab the receiver gloves as a stocking stuffer. 

Legos:: a classic. I don’t think Legos will ever get old. my kids could play with Legos for hours, and I know that’s a universal thing. I love to gift the kits that build specific structures, but the giant box of Legos is a great idea too to spur on the imagination!

Laser X Tag Gun Gaming Set:: when I was growing up, if you wanted to play laser tag, you had to drag yourself all the way down to the Main Event across town and pay boocoos of money…well not anymore! now you can laser your besties from the comfort of your own home. I put this on the boys’ gift guide, but I think this is fun for the whole family! will my nephew love this? definitely. would my girls have a blast with this? Yes! would me and Jordan play this after all the kids go to bed? HECK YES!

Hoverboard:: Hoverboards are still around, guys! does anyone else get total Back to Future vibes when you see anyone riding these? Jordan will probably hate this as a gift idea (he’s the super cautious one of the two of us!) but I say, if you wear a helmet and are super careful, it could be a lot of fun! this one is tricked out with Bluetooth and flashing lights, so your son will surely love to see this under the tree. 

Osmo Creative Genuis Starter Kit:: I already raved about this on my Girls’ gift guide but I wanted to make sure all my boy mommas saw this one as well! I love anything that combines education and fun, and I know any kid would love this!

Nike Team Hustle Quick 2:: Boys this age can do some serious damage to their shoes, so what better time than Christmas to replace the old beat up pair you bought 3 months ago for back to school? I love a Velcro option because they can throw them on easily with no fuss. 

littlebits Star Wars Droid Inventor Kit:: holy whoa. this comes with everything you need to build and control your very own R2D2 Droid. this allows kids to get creative, follow directions, work with electronics and word hard to bring their very own robot to life. while this may need a little assistance from mom and dad (depending on age), I am totally earmarking this for a few of Star Wars fans in our lives! 


December 17, 2019


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