Best Desks for Your Home Including Dupes

It seems as though we all need a #WFH space these days and now there are so many options for finding the best desk for your home. It’s important to create a space that you look forward to sitting down and working but also functional. My girls will sometimes come do homework at my desk or even pretend to play school. It’s so cute to watch them.

Here is a list I put together of desks and I bet you won’t be able to tell which is the dupe!

Dupes vs. West Elm

This first combo is a super simple MCM look. It works great for small spaces and adds character to a room. There isn’t a whole lot of storage but still functional.

Walmart Mid Century Modern DeskWest Elm Mid Century Modern Desk 

This white set is so sweet and would look great if you need to create your home office in your bedroom. I love the gold legs. Adds an accent to any room.
White Desk with 2 drawersWhite Desk


I honestly cannot tell the difference between these two at first glance. I lean towards the Target desk on this one because it has outlets and USB ports in the desks. The fewer wires and cords that are visible is a win in my book.

Target Wooden DeskWest Elm Wooden Desk


I love the length of these desks. I like having real or faux plants on my desk or even floral arrangements and these desks give me all the room and more.

Wayfair Dark Wooden DeskWest Elm Wooden Desk

These white desks offer so much room and storage. The look is so clean and sleek. The gold handles on the Walmart desk add such a fun look to the room.

Walmart White DeskWest Elm White Desk

There is for sure a quality difference in the dupes but the dupes are a little easier on the wallet and I think there are some pretty decent options.

I spend a lot of time at my desk writing and editing all the photos of the kids and prefer space and storage.

Do you have any of these desks? How does the quality hold up?



August 25, 2021

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    Can you do a new ‘day in the life’? I’d love to see what your daily schedule looks like with all the kiddos.