Budget Friendly Home Organization Essentials

A loving home is a happy home. And having an organized home is essential for our big family and makes my heart so happy. With 5 kids running around and playing together, things can easily get out of place. Organization is key to keeping our household running smoothly. There are so many options to create a tidy space. When I walk into The Container Store, I become similar to a kid walking into a candy store. I love that I can find something for any room in the house. Things I didn’t even know I needed.

When I started to take into consideration every room in our home to organize, I needed to find some budget-friendly options. I listed out a few of some of the favorites I use around the home.


Our pantry is a revolving door with all 5 kids in and out of there all day long. Anyone else’s kids’ favorite word SNACKSince this room gets so much action throughout the day, I wanted the kids to be able to grab and go. I love these wire baskets because the kids can easily pull them out and have great storage for juice boxes, applesauce or individual bagged snacks. These wicker baskets are another great option for larger snacks in our pantry. They also are a great hiding spot for the snacks I don’t like to share with my kids. Please tell me I’m not the only one who keeps a secret stash.

Plastic and Glass Containers

This had me at the phrase, Lazy Susan. Plastic and rotating storage containers?! Yes please! Baylor also thinks it’s fun to watch this spin around and around. I use this one for applesauce pouches and some of our spices.

I appreciate how the versatility of these plastic bins. They can be used in the pantry or the fridge. I keep wondering why a fridge has drawers. It would be so much better off with a glass or plastic bins to hold produce.

These glass jars and the tops are just so pretty. They make dried beans and pasta look so fancy just sitting on the shelf. You could even use them on your bathroom counter to hold cotton balls.


Bathroom Storage

I don’t know about your family, but the bathrooms can really get out of hand. Don’t even get me started on the blue toothpaste all over the counter. I found these adorable wire baskets to hold towels – hand towels and bath towels. I keep the kids’ hair care products under the sink in this stackable organizer. It slides which makes it easy to grab what I need without pulling other things out.

Having a tidy home isn’t everything, but when I have everything in its place, I’m much more relaxed.




August 18, 2021


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