Top Gift Ideas for Older Kids

Top gift ideas for older kids. I’m taking the guesswork out of gift-giving this season. With the variety of ages in my house, I’m pretty certain there is something for all kids on these lists.

Gifts for Older kids

Crazy Forts!

This is fun for the whole family and a great activity for a rainy/snow day. Or the kids could even take it outside and put it together.


I know this won’t be on every family’s list but this has always been one of those iconic gifts.

Nintendo Switch

This can be a gift for the entire family. Whether you love gaming or are in this for Just Dance, the entire family will love playing together. Show your kids you still have all the moves.

Wireless Microphone

Speaking of a dance party. If you have a performer in your house, this is the gift for them!

Karaoke System

This is a fun gift, especially when friends come over to play. So cute when kids start their own bands.

Hoverboard and Attachment

Hear me out here. While the hoverboard still makes me a little uneasy, the attachment is something I can get on board with. See what I did there? Helmets are still a requirement for me – even when sitting that low to the ground.

Boogie Board

These boards are great for every day around your home or perfect for travel.

Hydro Flask

This is a splurge gift, but your child will love it and it will get used multiple times a day.

American Girl Doll

The time to purchase these is NOW! These aren’t just for little kids – the older kids still enjoy playing with their dolls, taking them to the American Girl Doll store, and doing all the things. Super sweet to watch.

Instax Mini

You will love to literally see the holiday season through a child’s eyes. You could even pair this with a little scrapbook so that he/she could add all the photos in one place.

Bean Bag

Kids will love to read on their bean bags and just lounge in their room.

Be sure to check out my post for Top Gifts for Younger Kids. Let me know if you have other suggestions. Happy holidays.

Gift Ideas for Older Kids

October 11, 2021

  1. Jessica says:

    You and your family are so much fun to watch on ig. I appreciate you sharing your life like you all do. Thank you 😊 truly for being a kind person.

  2. Stephanie says:

    I think I can knock out Christmas for my 8 yo twin girls with just this list! This is great!!

  3. Callie Ward says:

    This is great! I have older nieces and nephews and need ideas!