Top Gift Ideas for Younger Kids

I put together top gift ideas for younger kids. Kids these days have so many things available to them. It can be hard to find something for a child because you want your kids to enjoy a gift for more than just a few hours. Here are some tried and true gift ideas for the younger crowd.

top gift ideas for younger kids

Bumper Car

I want one of these for myself. This car is fully rechargeable and easy for any child to use with the joystick or remote controls.  This is a splurge gift but kids will love it!

Stomp Rocket

This toy right here provides hours of entertainment. The kids try to get the rocket on the roof and think it’s the funniest thing.

Polly Pocket

All 5 kids will play together with these sets. They are small enough to bring with us when we go out for lunch or dinner. It’s so cute to watch their little imaginations at work.

Kids Kitchen

This is a great gift and will last for years. It’s worth the investment in whatever brand you decide. Kids love to play pretend and it’s neat to see what creations they come up with.


We love these because even Baylor can put his own shoes on. They are really easy to clean and the kids have recently started collecting charms to add to the crocs. Check out my Stocking Stuffers post for those.

American Girl Doll

These are another splurge but if your kids enjoy babies or dolls, these are worth it. I love that American Girl is really inclusive when it comes to their dolls. You could also turn this into an experience gift and have other family members take your kids to the American Girl doll store to pick out accessories or even have lunch or dinner at the cafe. Just be sure to make reservations beforehand.

Cash Register

This great gift for kids 2+. Kids love playing shop, pressing the buttons, collecting the money, giving the money. The stores they create are endless.

Cozy Coupe

Another great gift for kids 2+. This little car will be around for years. Kids really love this car and the bigs even love pushing the littles around the driveway in this car.

FurReal Dog

Not ready for a real fur baby but your child is. This is a great compromise. Your child will love walking the dog around the house or even for a stroll outdoors.

Kitchen Sink

Start them young! Totally kidding but we love this toy and the kids love “cleaning” dishes. I love when they want to learn to be momma’s little helper

Yeti in My Spaghetti

Games are great gifts. This one is fun to play together as a family. The intensity every time someone removes a noodle is real.

Pottery Barn Kids Anywhere Chair

Another splurge but this will last forever. PBK offers a variety of sizes but I would suggest the largest because like I said, it will last forever.

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top gift ideas for younger kids

October 11, 2021

  1. Callie Ward says:

    Love these! I’m always looking for more ideas!