Top Gifts Women Really Want

Top gifts women really want to receive. Don’t get me wrong, diamonds are a girl’s best friend but sometimes it’s good to change it up a little. Here are the top items I have loved being gifted.


BB Jewelry by Bree

I’m biased, but all of BB’s earrings are some of my favorite earrings EVER. They are really lightweight and can be worn as everyday wear or can be worn out for date night.

UGG Slippers

You can’t go wrong with a good pair of slippers. These are perfect year-round. Who doesn’t love to be comfy and cozy?

T3 Hairdryer and T3 Twirl 360 

These are some of the best products I’ve used. If you get one, might as well get the other. Both are really high quality and last forever.

Wine Glasses

One can never have too many wine glasses. I really like the shape of these. You could even pair with your favorite bottle of white wine.


I love all my BRÜMATE products, but I’m partial to the champagne flute. Drinks stay cold for hours. This cup is great for neighborhood get-togethers, tailgates, or even just around the house.

Portable Phone Charger

Something I never knew I needed until I received this as a gift. This charger doesn’t take up a lot of space and charges my phone pretty fast.

Loopy Phone Case

If you haven’t heard me talk about my love for my Loopy yet – it’s a great all-time gift that never gets old. There is a pattern for everyone but I’m still loving my lemon case.

Anthropologie Liberty Crossbody Bag

Every time I post about this bag, it sells out within hours. And there is a reason for that. Don’t let this little bag fool you. It will hold diapers and wipes along with my wallet, phone, and car keys.

Duck Boots

I can’t remember when these came in style but I can’t complain. Perfect for the winter and rainy days or pair with some jeans for a cute #OOTD.

Make Today Count Sweatshirt

This is my collection from Pink Lily and I just love the message. The top is really comfortable and a great fit for anyone.

Judith March Makeup Bag

You can’t go wrong with anything from Judith March but these makeups are such a great gift item and everything is customizable.

Mix + Match Gold Initial Pendants

I have been wearing this necklace for a while and I love the simplicity. It’s dainty and I love that I can have all 5 kids’ initials on one necklace and it not be overwhelming.

Victoria Emerson Watch Strap 

I love this layered bracelet look. Gives my Apple Watch a little sparkle.

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October 11, 2021


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