Hello Fall! Let’s Get Batty with Halloween Decor

Hello Fall! I get far too excited about decorating for fall. The change of the season makes me so happy.  The kids get excited about decorating the house, looking at Halloween costumes, Halloween decor and fingers crossed – cooler temperatures. AND….My birthday is in September.

I wanted to put together a few of my favorite fall and Halloween decor. The bats are by far the entire family favorite. we had a lot of fun putting these out while the kids were at school. The girls will also grab some and decorate their room and the boys’ room.

Halloween decor

I love to bring out these coloring sheets from Etsy.   The kids are obsessed with them. It’s a great rainy day activity, but to be honest -I love to sit down and color with them. It can be so soothing to just mindlessly color.

Halloween Decor

We REALLY get into Halloween. I’m not sure when decorating for Halloween became a thing but I’m not mad about it and I’m 100% in full support! We started decorating the outside of the house with lights and the kids get the biggest kick out of coming home and seeing their excitement on their faces each time we pull in never gets old. Here are items I’ve purchased over the years.

Shop Small on Etsy

I have never been disappointed by anything I’ve purchased from any Etsy shop. I love how all items are perfectly curated and I love that I am supporting a small shop or another momma out there. Here are a few of my current favorites this fall.

Spice Up Your Front Porch

Decorating the front porch is one of my favorite activities. Here are some fun options that work well on any porch.

What are some of your family traditions for the holidays? Do you decorate together or is this YOU time? Since Halloween doesn’t last that long, I love changing out some asethics for our home in the fall. Here is a list of items I found on Amazon to give your home a cozy feel even after Halloween has past.

Fall photos

October 5, 2021


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