10 Beauty Finds {Under $15} Found On Amazon

Amazon makes shopping too user-friendly. What can you not purchase on Amazon? As a mom of five kids, I definitely appreciate the ease of shopping from my phone and with a simple tap, I can have items delivered to my doorstep. Here is a round of my recent beauty finds. The best part, items are under $15 and all found on Amazon.


I hate throwing out any makeup or lotion knowing there are still 5-10 uses left in the bottle. Especially my Tarte lip glosses. This little makeup spatula comes in handy to get those last uses out. Great for lotion, foundation, lip gloss.


Revlon Oil Absorbing Volcanic Roller

Remember those oil-absorbing papers? The thin pieces of paper you would use to soak up any oil on your face to get the shine off. I always found it so satisfying to see all the oil on the paper. Well, there is a new tool in town and this little roller is reusable. You simply roll all over your face in areas that produce the most oil. After a few uses, you just wash and add the ball back into the roller. Small enough to carry in your bag. If you are wanting shine-free skin, this will get you there.


Foundation Blending Brushes

This unique hexagon-shaped foundation brush is great for getting all the areas on your face when applying makeup. The bristles are super soft. It blends foundation really well at application.


Revlon Eyelash Curler

I know it may seem silly, but taking 5-10 seconds on each eye to curl your eyelashes can really add a lot of volume to your lashes before adding mascara. No skin pinching or crimped eyelashes. Just enough curl to go with or without mascara application after.


Mascara Shield

What?! Who knew this was a thing? This little tool is so great and keeps mascara from getting on your eyelids. Especially helpful if you apply eyeshadow before your mascara. You simply hold the guard over your eye and then apply your mascara. Any residual mascara will go on the shield rather than on your eyelid. There are additional tools that help comb out your eyelashes. Definitely add this item to your cart.


Oval Makeup Brushes

These dupes are a great alternative to the expensive oval brushes. These blend foundation or powder perfectly and leave your skin looking flawless. I love the oval shape and the fact these brushes can get into smaller areas like under my eyes.



Girl. Go shave your face. I know it sounds so odd, but if you have never shaved your face, do it now! Your skin will be so smooth and your makeup will go on so easily. Your hair will not grow back darker or thicker. It serves as a great exfoliator as well.


BEAKEY Blenders

I love these sponges. I’ve been using them for years. They are inexpensive and come in a pack of 5. Making it easy to toss after weeks of use and cleaning. They don’t absorb a lot of foundation which makes them easy to clean after each use.


Makeup Bag

This is a super cute and affordable makeup bag. I love the slots for makeup brushes and that it comes with a removable bag insert. It’s easy to clean and would even be a great gift for a teen. There are several color options.


There you have it! My recent Amazon Beauty Haul. Do you have any budget-friendly favorites? I’d love to hear. Also, check out my other Amazon Beauty post.

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March 18, 2022


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