Best 7 Outdoor Family Games

My kids love to be outdoors and since we have been working on the pool, we’ve done a lot of play in the driveway. Texas sunsets are pretty amazing. And now that the pool is completed, we are preparing for lots of outdoor family games in the backyard. As I scroll through Amazon, I came across these games and they are for sure my top picks for our family.

Disc Golf

Baylor won’t be able to quite play this game but I know he would have lots of fun running to get the frisbees for the older kids. This looks like an easy setup and breakdown and doesn’t take up a lot of space.



This game would get pretty competitive with my crew. If you have never played spikeball, it’s similar to volleyball but 2 versus 2. The net can be adjusted based on players’ experience levels – Making it bouncier for new players and less bouncy for advanced players. This game is great for anywhere and could even be easily packed up for the beach.


Ladder Toss

Here is a game Brady and Baylor can do, so would be perfect for kids who are ages 3+. Although they might have more fun setting this one up. This game is great for the entire family to get in on at one time. This is also a game I wouldn’t mind letting my kids play indoors on a rainy day.


Kan Jam

This is our new jam! I have and I love. Add this outdoor family game to your cart now. We played this at a friend’s house a few weeks ago and came home and immediately ordered one. This is a great game for the boys to also play with us. We have agreed that we must play Kan Jam at the beach this summer and other on trips we have for the remainder of the year.



Classic but a goody. Who doesn’t love cornhole?! This outdoor game is great for all ages and skill levels. I love how even though only four people play at one time, everyone always seems to gravitate to where the action is to hang out. The only downside to cornhole is that it doesn’t travel easily and it can be heavy! But it’s always a crowd-pleaser at a tailgate. You may just have to play a little game of Tetris in your vehicle.


Giant Connect Four

I’ve added this one to my Amazon cart. How fun is a giant connect 4?! This is another game I wouldn’t totally mind bringing indoors and playing on a rainy day. Yes, we can totally break out the regular-sized game, but sometimes bigger just add a little more fun and laughter.



From giant Connect 4 to Giant Jenga, this is a fun outdoor family game, especially for a crowd. This game provides a lot of entertainment and fun. Play indoors at your own risk….if you can handle the noise more power to you to play indoors.


Do you have any outdoor family games you play together regularly? What are some of your favorites? I am now wanting to plan a friendly game night with our friends and host a pot-luck.



Outdoor Family games

March 28, 2022

  1. Silvia says:

    These all look like fun! Will have to get some for my boys! Thanks for sharing!

  2. Alejandra Mazariegos says:

    Would you recommend the people doing your outdoor space? Looking for someone in the DFW area.