10 Teacher Appreciation Gifts

To say my kids love their teachers is an understatement. And when you have 5 kids, there is a strong possibility the younger kids will at some point have the same teacher(s) Parker and Jolie once had. Shopping for teacher appreciation gifts usually ends up being a family affair and we have so much fun creating gifts for these classroom heroes. With the help of my #fab5, we put together 10 unique teacher appreciation gift ideas.

Handwritten Notes and/or Drawings

Never underestimate the words of gratitude from a child. They pour their hearts into crafting notes or drawings for their teacher. I’m sure it’s the same for your crew as with mine that teachers are celebrities in the eye of a child. I love to watch my kids get starstruck when they see one of their teachers outside the classroom. The notes and pictures they create for their teacher come straight from their little hearts.

Face Stamp

You may have heard me talk about this face stamp before. This is a repeat gift each year and we typically gift this to all the kids’ teachers. You upload a photo of your choice (you could always get approval from the teacher) and add custom text.

Personalized Mini Succulents

Not everyone has a green thumb, so these mini succulents make a perfect gift for teacher appreciation. You can add custom text here as well. We typically add, Thank you for helping me grow.


Barefoot Dreams Cardigan

This cardigan is what dreams are made of. This is a splurge gift and would even be a great option as a gift from the entire class. You could get creative and add some other items and create a gift basket. This is seriously one of the softest cardigans.


Supplies Basket

Teachers can always use more supplies. Expo markers, pencils, wipes, amazon gift cards. This may not be the most glamorous gift but practical gifts will always get used.

Relax Basket

Diffuser, essential oils, bath salts (and may include that cardigan mentioned above). Teachers deserve to put their feet up and have zero plans but sit back and relax.

Framed Book Art

I came across this really neat piece of art listed on Uncommon Goods. For any teacher who loves literature, this is a great unique gift.


Snack Magic

How neat is this company?! Curated snack baskets and bundles that are delivered to the school or to the teacher’s home. Snack Magic also offers gift cards so your teacher can pick what he or she wants.


I was sent a personalized photo of our family and thought it was the sweetest (and unique) item. When I was thinking about all the teacher appreciation gifts, I immediately went to their site and found this sweet stationery – The Teacher’s Desk – note card. I think this is such a thoughtful gift and something that would for sure get used. LOinLONDON was so nice and sent a discount code. You can use MASSEYA20 for 20% off your order.

teacher gift note cards

Tiff’s Treats

We are big fans of Tiff’s Treats. The cookies, the brownies, everything is so good. I love that you can add ice cream or milk to any order. You place your order and the treats can be delivered to the school or the teacher’s home. This would be such a fun way to end the week. Tiff’s Treats was sweet enough to give a discount code. Use code AMBER10 for 10% orders placed on their site or using their mobile app.
teacher gifts

A Letter to My Teacher

I saved the best for last. Go grab a tissue and maybe include some tissues when gifting this book. This book is written as a thank you note from a student to a special teacher. You could even have each student write a special note inside the book before gifting to their teacher.


Our teachers mean so much to our kids and we are so grateful for all they do in the classroom and beyond. If you are a teacher, I’d love to hear some of your favorite gifts received. You can find more gift ideas here from sellers on Etsy.

Teacher appreication

April 11, 2022


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