Jacqueline’s {Vintage Tea Party} Baby Shower

When our little foursome of girlfriends found out Jacqueline was expecting her second- automatically we decided that if she was having a girl, we would be showering her in pink and lace! Lo and behold, handsome little Landon is getting a sister come December!  We were all elated because if you know Jacqueline- you know she was destined to me a momma to a baby girl! 

Theme was easy- requested details of her plans for the nursery and it all fell into place without a hitch.  We decided on items we knew J would adore and wanted to give her some things that she could take home (décor) to include in baby Juliette’s nursery. 

After months of planning- well.. lets be real.  Without the talents of Ashley and her experience in party planning (even a simple dinner is amazing at her house) Diana and I couldn’t have pulled it off as successfully and beautifully as we did.  If you remember my baby shower hosted by these girls.. not a detail was forgotten! 

So this Vintage Tea Party themed baby shower was adorable to the 10th degree and it couldn’t have gone better if you ask me!  Everyone loves a good party!

Sugar Scrubs: equal parts sugar and pink Dawn with Olay dish soap

We played ‘Baby Bingo’.  Fill in the card with items that you think the new mom will receive and ‘x’ out the boxes as she opens the gifts.  5 in a row wins a prize!  We made a manicure-in-a-jar as the prize:)


The momma-to-be and her hostesses.  Love these girls with my whole heart!



Paper products {invitations, signs, cupcake toppers, bingo cards, ‘Juliette’ banner, food signs}
by Sarah @ CKFireboots on Etsy
Chevron Table Runner
Paper Fans
{Colored} Party City
{Glitter/Gold} Rachael @ LuckyRay on Etsy
Hairbows {diaper cake}
by Aubrey @ AubreyGiannaBoutique on Etsy
Circle Party Garland
by Janell @ DancingMooney on Etsy
Large Chalkboard, Vintage Décor {tea cups, white vintage luggage}
by Jordan @ Charmed Vintage Rentals
by Jennifer Jennings


October 23, 2013

  1. AMCallahan says:

    Amazing, so beautiful!

  2. amazing baby shower!!

  3. Darcy Potter says:

    What an adorable baby shower!!!! I think you need to become a party planner 🙂 Love all the amazing details and it looks like it was a fun day! Hugs Darcy @sassymominheels

  4. Amanda says:

    It's like pinterest came to life. It's ridiculous how perfect everything is.

  5. So I pretty much decided that when I become a Mamma, I am just going to fly you guys out here to help with my shower planning hahahaha! Absolutely BEAUTIFUL!! You guys did a fabulous job! 🙂

  6. What an adorable shower! I just had my first and it was a blast. Love how much thoughtfulness y'all put into all the decorations. J and J are lucky ladies 🙂

  7. I am so lucky to have yall as my wonderful and beautiful friends!! Yes, Pinterest came to life, there were SO many compliments on the décor and this shower. Love you!!!

  8. I am so lucky to have yall as my wonderful and beautiful friends! yes, Pinterst came to life! There were so many compliments on the décor of this shower! Love you!!

  9. I am so lucky to have yall as my wonderful and beautiful friends!! Yes, Pinterest came to life, there were SO many compliments on the décor and this shower. Love you!!!

  10. Ashton Eakes says:

    Where did those letters come from for the monogram? They are perfection!

  11. Ashton Eakes says:

    Can you tell me where you found those adorable letters for the monogram? They are perfection!

  12. Jay T says:

    How cute!!! And I love the name (it's my name, with the same spelling!)

  13. Fowl Ideas says:

    I was surfing the web and clicking on the "next blog" button.

    I gained 20 pounds just looking at this post.

    And off I go…


  14. Martha L. says:

    Where is the picture of the quote "She leaves a little sparkle wherever she goes" from? I'm obsessed!

  15. Martha L. says:

    where is the quote "She leaves a little sparkle wherever she goes" from? I'm obsessed!

  16. i would like t try it for a mother in daughter tea at church

  17. im going to try it for a mother daughter tea

  18. This is such an adorable baby shower. It can even work for girls which is great because I have been searching for some baby shower ideas for girls. Love it!

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  20. Lovely baby shower! By the way, I love your creativity! I want to try this sometime.


  21. Tonia kalra says:

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  22. Gwendolyn W. says:

    Hi Amber! I'm throwing a baby shower for one of my best friends and this party is totally spot on to what I'd had in my mind. Would you be able to share details about the menu? I can see most of the items but had a few questions: did yall make the sandwiches yourselves? What kind of sandwiches are they? How did you make the yogurt parfaits & what was in them? What did you used as stands for the pancakes and waffles? Did you add dressing to the salads? Thank you so much!!!

  23. amber says:

    Hi Gwendolyn – you are a 'no-reply blogger' so I cannot email you directly.. so I'm hoping you come back to read the comments for these details..
    All food was prepared by us. Tea sandwiches were chicken salad on croissants, and pimento cheese on white bread. Spinach salads were lightly dressed, yogurt parfaits were filled with regular vanilla yogurt, store bought granola and fresh raspberries. The stands for the mini pancake stacks were mini wooden pedestals (hobby lobby or other craft store.. I'm sure etsy has them also) and spray painted gold.
    Hope that helps! Thanks!

  24. Gorgeous party! How did you make the sugar scrubs?

    Thank you!!

  25. Faye Kirby says:

    Just saw this super cute shower and wanted to know where all the little tasting size serveware came from. Thanks!