Parker & Jolie’s First Thanksgiving {2013}

Baby{ies} first is always so fun.  Of course there are milestones that can be more fun/enjoyable/peaceful than others {i.e. Halloween vs their first tooth coupled with sleepless nights and fevers} but I’m always excited for Parker and Jolie’s ‘first’ anything.  
Thanksgiving is probably in a super close second to Christmas in being my favorite holiday.  I absolutely love Fall and Thanksgiving to me is Fall at its very finest.  Since Jordan and I started dating almost 11 years ago we’ve spent Thanksgiving on Lake Belton with the Fort side of his family (his mom’s side).  This year would be no different..except our luggage haul and family grew by two!  
Traveling with twins.  What an adventure, and thats just to pack!  It is unreal the amount of things we bring along.  Jordan’s Aunt Veeca has every toy under the sun thanks to the accumulation over several years with her own grand babies, so we didn’t bring but a couple of favorites for the weekend. 
Growing up coming to Lake Belton Jordan spent many days with his grandfather Woogie driving up and down the dirt/gravel road from the main road to their house on the bluff.  So, we decided Parker and Jolie would get to have the same experience.  This girl loved it!  So proud of herself.. and lately anything having to do with singing praise to this girl gets her going with the grins.  

Big girl cousins were so excited to see Parker and Jolie!

That little profile.  I was sad I didn’t get ‘real’ any pictures of the girls in these precious onesies and bow.. We had two Thanksgiving bows, thank you very much.

onesie / Carter’s // bow / baby jules boutique // leggings / the hair bow company

Thanksgiving Day the rest of the family finally arrived and it was time to get down to business- Turkey business.   I’m one for all the yummy sides, myself..but Jolie and my niece-dog, Libby thought differently about the turkey.  They were both watching Jordan carve it up.

While I didnt get any pictures of my babies eating their first turkey and dressing {complete fail}, I did manage to take the girls out just before dinner for a little camera action in their sweet outfits.  I find more joy in dressing them these days than I do shopping for myself.

Jolie Grace- my precious girl.  Be still my heart.

I could eat those cheekies up, Miss Parker!

Silly smile- I was having such a good time shooting these two.

After taking these pictures I realized how old these girls are looking these days.  They will be ONE on Friday {the 6th} and I can hardly believe it.  Not looking like babies at all anymore.. *tear

Their BB was cracking’ them up!  That woman knows how to pull out the giggles in these two.  I mean- like you’ve never heard a baby laugh.  So funny!

hairbows / shelby chic boutique via instagram // dresses / babyGap // moccasins / Little Tonto Moccs

Happy Thanksgiving from The Massey’s!  I was SO happy we go a great shot of us to remember this first Thanksgiving for Parker and Jolie.

Jenna and Adam were there, too with their sweet little, Kendall.

Love that penguin hair and baby blues!

Adam works offshore and is gone for a lot of the holiday get togethers.  This year he was home and able to celebrate with us!  Typically I’m no makeup and hair in a bun while in Belton, but definitely put on makeup for the chance to finally get a family photo with the three little ones finally.

Looks like a post card, right?  It was such a beautiful day!

I hope you and yours had a wonderful Thanksgiving.  These people right here remind me how very blessed I am this Thanksgiving.


December 3, 2013

  1. The girls are so adorable! I love all of their cute headbands!


    Morrissey Made

  2. Thanksgiving is my favorite time too! I love spending time with family! It's the best! 🙂

  3. How sweet are they in their Turkey Day outfits? And really? One already?! Seems like yesterday I was reading their birth story.

  4. Just Us Four says:

    The pictures of them standing and smiling. Swoon. They are just adorable!! My little one is just a few weeks behind them in age.

  5. Cortney says:

    I am DYING over the girls' polka dot dress! SO adorable! We had the same Gobble Gobble Gobble onesie for Thanksgiving. I LOVE holiday themed clothes:)

  6. Meredith says:

    They are SO cute and love the multiple bows–haha! And I've been meaning to ask you about their moccs. Do they stay on fairly well? I absolutely love Sloane's minnetonka moccs but they fall off all of the time. ARGH!

  7. Lauren says:

    Gah! Their outfits are too cute for words! Such precious little girls 🙂