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Summer is upon us.  Excitement and dreams of so many baby{ies} firsts.  Hours of sprinkler fun, bare baby legs, ruffle bathing suit bums for days..
..and more of this skirt and moccs combo.
And this shirt.  
Ugh.  These girls are getting big on me.  
moccasins c/o Freshly Picked

I was practically beside myself when sweet Leah emailed me about reviewing some of her designs – I mean.  After browsing through her shop I couldn’t make up my mind about anything.

I said ‘surprise me, girl.’
And when you have models like the above and below, its hard not to love anything they wear.  But, in any consolation, I’m in serious contemplation for Leah to make me a momma-sized skirt to match these little birds.
headwrap / Jameson Monroe
limited edition pocket skirt c/o Lovey Lake
Apparently someone said “show me your belly (belly, belly, belly, belly).”
Since we mommas all love to spend the dolla dolls bills on our bebes, Leah and I have decided to offer a special Mother’s Day coupon code to Lovey Lake!
You know you want. And now you have a justifiable reason to spend.  Two reasons, actually.
1.) Its Mother’s Day and B.) “I have a coupon”
This means I’m a bargain shopper.  
hay gurl, hay

No go, runnnnn, skip, or jump. If there are questions.. see below.

Parker has the right idea.

These limited edition skirts are available now at Leah’s shop! Head over to Lovey Lake and use the coupon code: mamasday20 for 20% off your total order on anything in the shop.  I personally encourage you to get your hands on one {or two!} of these precious skirts for your little girl{s}.

  Valid good Friday (May 9th) through Sunday (May 12th)


May 9, 2014