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Its no secret that I have been on the search for the perfect ‘mom bag’ transition from the traditional diaper bag.  Of course I have come across some amazing (and beautiful) bags – but I couldn’t quiet pin point what it was that I just didn’t like about using it.  
Most often it was the lack of space – or pockets.. or the simple complaint due to those two factors I usually ended up with spilled water or toddler snacks all over the bottom of the bag.
Truth: I am not a ‘handbag’ person, to say the least.  I’m the one that usually carries a good quality handbag until the handles fall off – so when I want to invest in a great bag, I can usually justify its purchase because it will get incredible use!
Truth: I am a working mom.  A working mom with a load of s t u f f.  A working mom that hates to worry if she has all the ‘stuff’ she needs in her work bag vs. her ‘diaper bag’.  I have been looking for the ease of using ONE bag for everything and had just about given up on it, until my Lily Jade landed on my porch.  
I’ve been meaning to write this post for awhile now, and glad I waited too long, simply because I can now do justice to what a true ‘mom bag’ (in my opinion) actually is.
We first saw Lily (HERE) when I talked about the general details of this amazing diaper bag.. and how I used it when running errands and toting toddlers around.
What is also amazing is that I carry it around with me all day everyday for work requirements, too! 
Th ‘baby bag‘ insert is easily removable (along with all the baby bag contents), and I have the perfect work bag- that holds a TON.
I carry a lot.  Truth: I use every single bit of what is in my bag.  My work files binder goes EVERYwhere with me.. simply because I do about 40% of my work from home.  It also helps to have copies of my client information when I am working from my cell phone (email) or need to reference something in a meeting.  It is my 3-ring work life
Notebooks.  My notebook collection has turned into something that resembles my lipgloss collection- I have to stay away from the ‘school supply’ section of the grocery store, or I’ll end up coming home with one.  I had two different girlfriends give me notebooks for my birthday.. and the larger one in this picture with a quote on the front (one of my favorite notebooks) is my ‘blogger’ notebook.  I got that as a gift from one of my closest friends at Christmas.  My people know me.  
The essentials.. baby wipes and blow pops.  
I almost prefer the baby wipe over the Shout wipes any day.  It took me becoming a mom to figure out the amazing ability of the baby wipe.
Love these travel Honest brand wipes – 99 cents at Target for the pack.
 For the love of lipgloss.  They deserved their own spotlight.  Victoria’s Secret Beauty Rush is my all time favorite- I’ve been wearing it for 10+ years and have just about every flavor.  It shocked me to only pull out four different options when I dumped my bag for these photos.  I keep a lot on hand all the time.. if ever stranded on a desert island.. 
I’ve also fallen in love with ‘refresh oil‘ by Zoe Organics.  This month has kept me in the car traveling on short trips.. and on planes for longer distances, and this oil is the perfect blend of peppermint + ginger (and a few others) to help relieve anxiety, stress, and especially motion sickness.  I’ve never had to deal with nausea until being in the car as often as I have recently. 
My portable phone charger.  A necessity with how often I am checking emails, answering voicemails, and of course, checking instagram.  The hubby surprised me and got me this for carrying around in my bag after too many times of my phone dying while I was out during the day. 

 The most versatile bag I have every used – and I’ll say it again- it is so gorgeous!  I have successfully completed my search for the perfect ‘mom bag’ – a bag I can wait to continue to use when baby girl number three arrives.  
My work days (‘baby bag’ removed)
My mom days

What is the must have in your bag??


March 26, 2015

  1. After reading this post, I feel like I need this bag! And I don't even have kids yet haha 🙂

  2. Chelsea says:

    I love this bag!!! I wish mine was organized lol 🙂 SO cute

  3. Emily says:

    I'm so intrigued by this versatility! Also a working mom, I've relegated myself to (1) laptop/work bag and (2) a separate baby diaper bag (currently using Timi & Leslie, which functions great but it does LOOK like a baby bag). Because I forget to transfer things, I am constantly leaving my wallet in the wrong bag (diaper or work bag) and/or forgetting the baby bag entirely and not having diaper handy (Worst Mom Award). My only worry is finding myself annoyed by taking the insert in-and-out all the time, but it looks like a non-issue for you. Thanks for sharing!

  4. This is brilliant! I can't count how many times I have left my wallet in the "other" bag…shuffling between a work tote, purse, and diaper bag! :O

  5. ellibeesmom says:

    I would love. If you could write a blog about how to blog.

    I have so many unpublished blogs.
    So many memories and pictures with no caption no story.

    I love how you can always look back at your blog and remember the little things.

  6. Lara says:

    I think I need this bag for work and for weekend fun with the kid. I am constantly changing bags and forgetting stuff.

  7. Loooove the bag and how organized you are!!!

  8. shaka says:

    oh my gosh what kind of computer is that?! it's so cute!!! 🙂

  9. I adore this bag! <3

  10. Loving this bag. It looks like it is more "structured" than the diaper bag I have. I love my diaper bag but have realized maybe one with more structure would be better because I end up having things just get all shuffled at the bottom. Just momma ramblings I had after reading this 🙂 xox