Lily + Sam{s}

I’ve never put a lot of thought or effort into a diaper bag.  I wanted the Vera Bradley diaper bag from the very beginning – not even thinking about its ability to hold everything I could possibly need while toting two very new babies/infants around.  As they got a little older, it was easier to carry less and less, and then they hit the potty training stage of life, so.. that was life changing.  
Two sets of clothing, extra panties, hand sanitizer, + sippy cups and every snack you can think that a toddler’s brain could desire, because I, for one, have not mastered the whole reading of the mind tricks, yet.
I first met the owner + creator of Lily Jade at The Hundred Event last August and I was completely intrigued by their mentality of the diaper bag.  WHY does it have to be difficult and why does it have to consist of sixty seven bags?  I honestly have gone through several bags trying to make the transition from ‘twin mom’ to ‘working mom’ (..ah, reminiscing of the entire 13 months of my life carrying the pumping tote around with me – on vacation to Mexico.. that was fun) to ‘going out on a date with my husband’ mom.
The trouble I have is that I need a bag that easily transitions from all of the above ‘mom’ hats I carry in my back pocket.  When I am away, the girls most often are with there daddy or with their BB, so it made it hard to even attempt to carry or be organized in just one bag – they needed something to carry the girls’ things if they went somewhere with them.  Not to mention the fact that my work things never could fit in addition to the toddler things I needed to carry around.
     Enter Lily Jade.  My lifesaver in this area of stress.  It really had started to become an area of stress because I actually thought I was doomed to be carrying 11 different bags at any given time for the next years of my life.  With Baby Three on the way, I can’t even image trying to fit all her infant things + toddler things into one bag.
Problem solved.  
Plus.. isn’t she just gorgeous?
Just a little description of these diaper bags for those have have never had the pleasure of getting to feel, see, use one in real life:
Each bag comes with a detachable ‘Baby Bag‘.  The Baby Bag snaps in and has about a bazillion pockets and zippers and perfect places to keep all your diaper bag needs.  It does come with a changing pad (as pictured), and while right now I don’t need that, I will pretty soon. Even with the changing pad in the bag, there is still plenty of room to hold everything else.
Whats even better is that this detachable Baby Bag can be removed, washed, and replaced without worry about getting your leather handbag a mess.  PLUS, the ease of moving the organizer of the entire bag to drop down into another bag is absolutely the most connivence I’ve had in about 2 years.  
The ease of transition to working mom is done in a snap – literally. 
 Traveling with toddlers, for even the smallest of errands, takes a lot of work.  We spend a lot of time at the grocery store + Sam’s + Costco. I confess to making a trip nearly every week to 10 days.
Pictures I share on the blog and social media can make it seem like its all unicorns and roses, but really, I can confidently confess to the occasional thought in my head of straight up abandoning the Target cart in embarrassment because of my demanding, screaming, hair pulling, cat fighting toddlers. Not even Frozen on the iPhone can do the trick on trips like that.
Time out is warranted in more ways then one when that sort of behavior thing happens.
 ONE thing is for sure.  I am most successful in errand-running with Parker and Jolie when I am organized.
Can you tell which one of them started this Sam’s run with a talking-to and time out?  
I’ll give you just one guess.  #fridgeface
 THE best things about Sam’s/Costco (yes we have both memberships, and yes we use both of them equally as often) is the snacks.  As terrible as the Saturday/Sunday crowds and check out lines can be, they have the best snacks during that time and can more of less feed these two lunch during our 45 minutes spend shopping in the bulk aisles for chicken nuggets, strawberries, and paper towels. 
 If the snacks that day are just okay.. I have a buffet of options in my Lily Jade.
Parker had just scarfed a buffalo chicken wing and decided after he fact that it was too spicy and needed a drink.  Which is why she is chugging her water/grape Crystal Light mix in the next, well, all of the pictures.  
 The Madeline has not only shoulder straps that actually stay on my shoulders, but an option to make it a ‘backpack’ style bag to carry when, perhaps, I need to carry two babies on my hips.

 hello, bump.

While there are several bags to choose from, I chose the Madeline simply because it is the most feasible for carrying it as a true diaper bag AND as a work bag (future post to come!).  

It literally is a never ending pit of space.. but in a good way.  I have never been a ‘bag’ person in my entire life, but working with Lily just might do the trick.    

madeline in brandy c/o lily jade
sippy cups c/o nuby
sparkle bows c/o shelby chic boutique 
poncho / camden & kate
jeggings / target 
moccs / hello moccs
cardian / banana republic (old)
maternity jeans c/o motherhood maternity 
wedge booties / blowfish (similar)


February 25, 2015

  1. Ashley D says:

    I've narrowed my diaper bag down to Liky Jade – just not the style yet. Just showed J last night! Haha!

  2. Look at that cute bump!!!!

  3. ellibeesmom says:

    Not sure if you have already, but I would love to see when and how you started the time out. Not just as home but at the stores also.

    My little one is 19 months rite now. She's always good at home, but at stores like at target it gets difficult when she doesn't want to sit in the carts, starts screaming for no reason and more

  4. I've been considering upgrading my diaper bag – mine is beautiful, but I have a lot of trouble staying organized with everything for my right month old twins & myself when we're out. The lily jade bags are GORGEOUS, but a little out of range for what I'd want to pay – is the quality totally worth it? Like, I'll use the bag even after I no longer need a "diaper" bag?

  5. Lara says:

    Makes me want a diaper bag even though mine is 5. Haha

  6. SO CUTE!!! I will need to look into that one. It doesn't scream "diaper bag" at all and I love that. And that bump….girl! SO precious!