The Weekend + A Toddler Milestone

Friday started our weekend, just as it does every week- but with torrential down pouring of rain.. flooding many streets and our neighbor’s front yard.  Thankfully, we were able to stay put for just a bit until the rain passed (just after nap time), and when it did I was clawing to get out of the house.  
While the littles napped, we decided to head out for dinner and to walk to mall after they woke, and thats just what we did.
When we got there, a little girl was going up the escalator with a Build a Bear in hand.  I mentioned causally to Jordan that there was in fact a BAB in this mall, and he looked brightly at me and said- “lets go find it!”.
We have been talking for months about taking the leap to toss the paci for Parker, and trying to find time to make it ‘special’ for her and what in the world could we do?  We thought hard about it and decided (months ago) that we would have her build her own bear and put the paci (and wubby) inside.
Its amazing how many excuses one can have when actually making time to do the deed and follow through. 
So, Friday night, we jumped ship and said goodbye to the paci. 
One thing about Miss Parker Jane is that she is pretty much the tomboy of the two.
Doesn’t care about dolls, dress up, or the accessories the way sweet Jo Grace does.  
Making a build a bear stole Jolie’s heart back when she was 8 months old and she and Puppy have been inseparable since. 
Parker.  Well.  She participated, but wasn’t as enthusiastic about it nearly like Jo was.   
She handed over her wubby and paci, no problem. 
We stuffed it in the bunny.
 Did the whole dog + pony show that Build a Bear has to offer.
 Bath time was next.. and while we were in the middle of the bunny’s ‘bath’ she started asking.
“I want my Wubby back.”
“Wubby, back.”
Take it out!
When she realized that wubby and paci were ‘stuck’ in the bunny – she basically fell out into screaming tears in the middle of the shop.  Those poor women a BAB felt terrible.  And I felt terrible bringing them into such an event.
 Many, many, many stops, rolling of the (clean!?) mall floor, leaving store after store with a crying toddler asking for her Wubby we finally decided to head over to dinner and attempt to keep her mind weary of the wubby-paci situation.
She sat with the bunny, but honestly didnt care much for him at all.
 Jolie eyeballed that bunny from the moment we got him. She was into it and wanted nothing but to get her hands on him to add him to her collation of stuffed animals/dolls/pillows on her bed.
Just one more thing for her to sleep with at night.
I adore this child.
 After zero tears through dinner, we decided to make a trip to get ice cream before calling it a night.
I love these kinds of outings with my family.  
 Especially when it ends with a sticky mess:)
When we go home she continued to ask about Wubby (not paci) and I started thinking over in my head the last 2 years of her having that Wubby and the more I thought, the more I was heartbroken over the fact we took away her ‘lovie’.  It would be like taking away Puppy from Jolie!  With tears in my eyes I told Jordan to pull Wubby out of that bunny.  I don’t care about the paci, just get that little monkey out of there. Initially, we both thought that wubby and paci could not be two separate things, so getting rid of the paci meant getting rid of wubby, too.
The look on Parker’s face when she realized what her daddy was getting out of the bunny was priceless.  I can’t even describe the excitement (like trembling excitement, ya’ll) coming out of that little girl’s mouth.
She requested her paci once before bed and I explained that paci was in the trash.  I stopped talking about the bunny and went straight for the ‘trash’ talk. 
“Paci is broken, love bug”
“Paci had to go in the trash..”
End of story.  She laid right down in bed with her Wubby and went to sleep.
Night ONE + TWO + THREE have been a major success with this girl and no paci.  Zero tears or requests during the day or at night.. but truth be told being in the car is another story.  For the last 8-9 months we’ve only allowed her to have her paci in the car, at nap, and at bedtime.  Surprisingly enough, nap and bed have been a cake walk – the car however has been sort of a battle.
I’ll keep you posted with how all this pans out..
Mama got up and got herself ready for lunch and pedicures with a handful of girlfriends, while daddy took his daughters out for breakfast and a few errands while mama was away.
By breakfast he meant donuts, and he had one very envious preggo at home as the pictures came rolling in of the shenanigans at the breakfast table.
 Girl be serious about her donuts.
 Saturday night we headed over to celebrate a family birthday for Nana’s 80th (Auntie’s g’ma).  Tons of out of town guests were there to celebrate her this entire weekend, and I was so grateful to be apart on Saturday night. 
The girls were the star of the show.. and I cant believe I didn’t snap a single picture.
Bed was LATE, so we slept in and went down for an early nap on Sunday afternoon.
Naps on Sundays are always better than any other day of the week, am I right?  
We three fell asleep in bed watching Mickey Mouse, and I could hardly handle the sweet cuddles.
 Just as I took one.more.picture. daddy came by with the mower right up against our bedroom window and Jolie rolled over to show me that she was awake.
 Outside we went to play the afternoon away. 

Sitting here on Monday after a weekend like that makes me not wish this week to start – but, starting yet another week means we are one more day closer to another weekend.
Heres to Monday.  Day 4 with no paci. 
+ 28 weeks.
Hope you all had a great weekend! XO!


April 27, 2015

  1. The Joiners says:

    Ahhh I'm convinced getting rid of the pacifiers (wubbies in particular) was one of the most traumatic parenting moments for me thus far! And I'm with you- taking it out of the car was a bigger event than I realized it would be. There was a week or so of whining and it's definitely not as easy to appease Clara in the car as it once was, but it really did get better pretty quickly, so hope the same is true for y'all!

  2. Dranrab says:

    Where'd you get that cute black maxi skirt from?

  3. Amanda says:

    We are currently in the process of getting rid of my son's paci too. Since he was about 11 months old we started weaning and he was only getting it for naps and bed. Then I found out he wasn't getting it at daycare because they didn't know we packed it, so we took the paci away at home naps too. It was hard the first 2 days but he survived! But the bed time one has been a struggle to give up. Full melt down if we try and we end up giving in so he will fall asleep and not wake his baby brother. He will be 2 on Saturday, and we are actually planning on sending it away tied with some balloons at his birthday party and hoping that does the trick! I am a little nervous! The BAB is a great idea though, might have to consider that instead!


  4. ellibeesmom says:

    Get the monkey out lol. I think she's not gonna like the bunny no more after all it did take her wubby lol. We had the giraffe wubby since 2 or 3 months old and lost it at the mall at 10 months , I went back and traced our path, no luck 🙁 till this day I still miss that paci, I really wanted to keep it in her memory box. But she did stop using it at 10 months we think she decided throw it out on her own.

  5. Olivia Irwin says:

    Aww her little face when you're giving it its bath! They are the sweetest, love the ice cream and cuddle shots 🙂

  6. Way to go, Parker!! BAB looks so fun – can't wait to take our kiddos. Looks like yall had a great weekend!

  7. They are so precious! I love the idea of putting the paci in the bear, that's something I might have to try if my daughter ends up being attached to hers.