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Since the last time I was dealing with a couple of newborns I have come across some amazing brands, products, and the sweetest baby things that have me thinking “where were you two and a half years ago?”  Looking back I realized that there was not enough research I could have done to prepare me for motherhood.  BUT – the most invaluable information and recommendations came from other mama friends – and hopefully one or two of you might find this helpful.  I still cannot believe we are 5-ish weeks into having Baker in our lives, but I suppose time truly flies when you are living your life in three-hour increments!  
Postpartum Favorites
B A B Y 

1. graco little lounger // when the twins were born we bought a pack and play and set it up in our room for them to co-sleep and it worked well for what we needed it for.  We planned to do the same for Baker and for her first couple nights she slept in the pack and play.  On the Saturday after coming home from the hospital we planned to run the errands we had hoped to accomplish the day I went into labor.  We were browsing the baby aisles (at Target) and Jordan walked upon the display of a million and one options for a sleeping baby.  I had mentioned early in my pregnancy that I wanted to get a bassinet for Baker and he quickly told me ‘no’ and later I learned, and then laughed, that he was thinking of a traditional bassinet .  Looking at all the options he was super intrigued and we ended up going home with the graco little lounger.  While I cannot say that this one is better than another, because I never used one like this with the twins, I really like it!  It seems to be comfortable for her, semi-elevated for easing her tummy after nursing at night, and a huge plus is that its affordable comparative to other options on the market.
2. just born deluxe swaddle //  this swaddle was recommended to me by my pediatrician after I told her that I woke one early morning to Baker being on her side (???).  The little thing wiggled herself in such a way that she was sleeping on her side instead of on her back.  This swaddle has a ‘cradle pad’ that promotes back sleep and basically encourages her to stay put during the night.  My Houdini baby always finds a way to get her arms out- and this swaddle has the option for both arms-in and arms-out swaddling. I was so glad to be introduced to this product!
3. little unicorn swaddle blankets //  cotton muslin blankets are a favorite in this house- especially these ones.  They are the softest and most comfortable blankets we own.  We use them for swaddling her during those newborn catnaps throughout the day, but also as a nursing cover, carseat cover, and carrying them around the house as a place for Baker to lay.  Not to mention that Little Unicorn has the most adorable prints, ever.  I took a couple in my hospital bag and got several compliments on them from doctors, nurses, and guests.
4. mustela hair & body wash + lotion // I talked about our first try of mustela HERE when Baker had her first bathtime experience.  She cried the entire time but I am happy to report that her bath taking has become much less of a screamfest and more enjoyable on her end.  We are still using the Mustela and really love it!  Her baby skin remains moisturized until her next bath time – and not to mention how yummy she smells.  In the early months we had a heck of a time trying to find out what exactly we could use on Parker’s sensitive skin (Jolie has used several soaps and lotions and nothing seems to irritate), so I’m always a little hesitant to try new products, but mustela has proven to be all that it say it is:)
5. solly wrap // where have you been all my motherhood life?  I say this as more of a statement, because holy free hands, baby wearing is amazing. As I sit here and type out this post remembering the long day before of cluster feeds and cranky babies (x3) I have Baker wrapped to my chest sleeping soundly.  I also made dinner, bathed, and put the girls to bed all whilst wearing her.  I borrowed the Moby wrap from a family member after the twins were born, but the fabric was thick and I couldn’t get a tight enough wrap – or at a least I didn’t feel like I could – with their small size.  By the time they were big enough to be worn correctly I sort of felt like I missed that window because they hated it.  Not this time.  I was determined because I knew I needed more hands to manage Parker and Jolie.  I also appreciate that the fabric is stretchy and lightweight for the summer months here in the south.
6. cloud b on the go travel sound machine // we have this machine for her nursery, but have been using the travel sound maker while she is in our room.  Its easy to tote around with us in the car and around the house as we need it.  While Parker and Jolie love ( and still love) the white noise, Baker is a big fan of the music sounds.  She loves her a lullaby.
7. nursing pillow // I have the boppy as well as dr. brown’s gia nursing pillow  // my only experience with a nursing pillow has been with the gigantic My Breast Friend Twin nursing pillow.  The thing has clips to make sure it stays put.  I received a boppy pillow as a gift while I was pregnant but never used it because I always fed Parker and Jolie at the same time.  This go-round with a singleton I have gotten great use out of these nursing pillows!  I keep one in the bedroom and one in the living room so I don’t have to move one from room to room.  The Dr. Brown’s nursing pillow is designed to put the baby at an angle while nursing to help with digestion.  Anything to assist with my baby girl’s tummy, especially when nursing at night.  I use them interchangeably and often will prop Baker on the traditional boppy pillow while I am nearby.
8. golden hill onesies — for summer babies these are uber soft, light and breathable.  We have been living in them! These are super stylish for my teeny babe and the prints are pure perfection.  I am not ashamed to mention that I have nearly every print these hip mama’s offer in their shop.  Darci and Becca started their small business from scratch with the girl mom in mind.  For the cooler weather months approaching (yippee!) these would be awesome as layering pieces – under cardigans and sweaters for a smooth non-bulky look.  I wish these onesies were around 2.5 years ago for Parker and Jolie to wear.  Stay tuned for a fun giveaway with golden hill!  I am excited to be partnering up with them and sharing some of their goodies with you!

Other baby things.. 
My favorite iphone app // baby connect (activity logger).  I used this app with the twins and brought it back to life again when Baker was born.  I mainly use it for tracking her last feedings and diapers but you can record naps, milestones, pumping, your baby’s mood, and temperature, etc.  I am surely not using the app up to its capacity, but appreciate all that it has to offer.
What about you?  Any newborn favorites you just can live without during those early weeks?   


August 20, 2015

  1. Rachel E says:

    I purchased a solly wrap after seeing you carrying sweet Baker in one on your instagram. She looked so secure on you and that's what I was missing from the multiple carriers I had already tried. It is now hands down my FAVORITE baby product. We also love the Joovy Boob bottles. My almost 2 month old and my 2 year old (when she was a little babe) have/had no problem going from breast to bottle and back to breast with these and I never had any issues with them leaking.

  2. Amber Miller says:

    I have twin identical boys in the nicu and will start nursing soon. Any techniques on nursing them together? Did you swaddle them in football position to nurse?

  3. amber says:

    Amber –
    I used the football hold when I nursed the girls. I never swaddled them, but I bet that would be helpful during the first tries in feeding them! The twin nursing pillow is really essential, I think. So I would definitely get one of those. You could also call the lactation consultant for help when you are nursing them! Those ladies are fantastic and so helpful. Good luck!

  4. Golden Hill says:

    YAY!!! We feel so completely honored to be part of this amazing collection! Thank you for including us! It is our goal to to reach as many mamas as possible…just so they are aware that we exist. Even if they choose not to buy. 🙂 Thank you for helping us along our journey. You are an amazing wife, mother, friend and business woman. Love ya to death!!! XOXOXO

  5. ellibeesmom says:

    Do you mind sharing how you make those images ?