Be Merry

Taking a break from the gift guides (sorry jordan) and sharing a little of our life this week.  it was one for the crazy and two for the blows that just kept rolling in it felt like.  nothing completely irrational or even worth mentioning, but one of those weeks where you feel like just one.more.thing. might just send you over the edge to crying a bucket of tears.  but really all you can do is laugh.
well.. one more thing happened for me yesterday morning..
baker was up at her normal time of about 6am to eat- got her up, changed her diaper, and sat down in the rocking chair to feed her.  same routine.  happens everyday.  all good.
around 8am when she woke for the day, i walked into a happy baby girl chatting up the walls, her hands, her feet.. basically anything that would catch her attention. i love those giggles in the morning!  i picked her up- and she was sopping.  the size 2 diapers are just a tiny bit too big and she’s been known to leak after a long night.  Picked her up, pulled her out of her sleep sac and then went to change her.

no diaper.  nope. no diaper at all.  poop and pee everywhere but in her diaper BECAUSE SHE WASNT WEARING ONE.  i’m tired.  obviously.

so.  there’s that.

overall it was a good week- as we approach this weekend i continued to be over emotional about one very special occasion- my big girls are turning three on sunday.  T H R E E.  where has time gone?  they are bigger than ever before and radically rock my socks with their understanding and wit on a daily basis.

postpartum has not been good for my skin.  
parker noticed while looking at scratch across her nose..
“mama- i match you with you boo boo on you cheek.”
after propping jo up on the potty..
“get out.”
talking about ‘birthday time’ this weekend..
“are you turning three this weekend??”
“yes i am three!!”
“are you going to eat CAKE??”
“its MY CAKE!”
“are your friends going to come over??”
“… parker.  whats your problem?”
“i don’t want my friends to come over and eat MY CAKE.”
worst part about birthdays, chick.
life lessons. 
BB and her marvelous way of putting together my house spent a couple days this week decorating for christmas.  i love this time of year- but HATE decorating.  i have the eye but not the patience.  anyone else with on that?  i mean- i would leave decorations up all year round if it were appropriate.  
this weekend will be a GOOD one.  today i am prepping for their ‘milk and cookies’ birthday party on saturday.. saturday we party on with close friends and family and sunday we have grand plans to make a trip to the zoo for the twins actual birthday on the 6th.
the first week of december has already passed us by in a snap.  its such a magical time of year i want to take it all in.
happy friday!

December 4, 2015

  1. Cassie says:

    Yep, this week was one for the books over here too. Little miss during 3 months and after starting to establish a routine, it completely changed. Babies.

  2. I have just found your blog! LoVe the honesty and funny stories!! Us Mamas have to laugh it up and keep it light!! 🙂

  3. Krcat says:

    OMG Amber! That is hilarious…we've all been there!