Parker + Jolie | 3 years

t h r e e.
People tell you that time flies by but until you have kids you don’t understand it. You look at people like they are stupid when they tell you, “Don’t blink. They’ll be grown before you know it.” But those silly people are right.  This last year has been among the most impressionable years of my life.  
one of the most challenging. 
one of the hardest.
one with the most maternal growth.
one of the most FUN.
Parker Jane: height 38.5 inches (75th percentile) // weight: 32 pounds, 13 ounces (61st percentile)
Jolie Grace : height 37.3 inches (55th percentile) // weight: 31 pounds (61st percentile)

Parker and Jolie experienced a TON of firsts- even more so than their first year of life, might I add. They gained a rather hilarious toolbox of words they use at the most opportune times.
They mastered potty training.
Parker and Jolie were dedicated to the church among friends and family.
They got their first haircut. 
They had their first REAL experience with snow.
They learned to LOVE the water and we spent nearly every day this summer at the pool.
Swimming, sparklers, and sun kissed cheeks- we celebrated the BEST 4th of July, yet!
Graduated to big girl (twin beds).
They met their little ‘brother’
..and then became big sisters just 24 hours later.
They experienced their first fall festival and got their face painted..still talking about it to this day.
Cool weather came upon us and the fall festivities began- family fun at the pumpkin patch + the arboretum.
h a l l o w e e n.  was. THE best!  
These are just a few of the highlights.  Our life is so full.  With so much fun in between.  These sweet girls have made our world spin for the last three years- the good.  the bad.  the terrible.  
We couldn’t imagine it being any other way.

Our big girls.  Still cannot believe they are THREE.
Jolie Grace 
My goodness, how much you have grown this last year.  Looking back at pictures and watching videos right after your second birthday its amazing to see how your personality and intellect exploded overnight.  You vocabulary is full.  Your understanding is impressive.  Your organization is that of your mamas.  After two solid years of seeing only your daddy in you, I am finally starting to see your mama in the things you do and the expressions that you make.
You wear your heart on your sleeve.  Little things can upset you and it takes lots-o-lovin to bring you back to smiles.  When when you smile- my sweet girl, you smile with your entire face.  Your eyes.  Your smile.  Your baby girl cheeks.  I hope they never go away. 
   I was overwhelmed with love for you from the moment you took your first tiny breath.  Watching you grow from a little wee nugget into the marvel you are today has been the greatest, most fulfilling, most enlightening journey and the very, very best thing I have seen.
You are quite the diva, pretty opinionated and mostly independent.  You definitely feel the need to speak your mind, and most of the time it has me and your daddy in giggles.  You tend to sit back and watch the world around you and take it all in.  You don’t mind to chill out on the couch and watch movies all day long. As long as you have Puppy, you are happy as a clam.  You don’t care to snuggle or give sugars freely, but when someone is hurt or crying the sincerest “You okay??” comes our of your mouth and we all know that you care so much.
 You do everything with an exclamation point! Your little life is an exclamation point. When you mean to do something you give it your all. Keep that up my sweet little love. Your enthusiasm in life should be the way everyone should live the life we are given. And with that, I am so proud of you.  I thought I was here to teach you, but you are teaching me every day. I am so in love with you. Time to stop growing.  

Parker Jane
My tomboy. My girlie girl.  If ever anyone thought that wasn’t possible- oh.  but it is.  You are your daddy’s right hand ‘man’.  Wherever he goes “I’m coming too!!”  
It’s hard to imagine what life was like before your funny lines, epic tantrums, and ear bursting screams took over our house. My oh my how you have grown this past year! 
You have gotten stronger, smarter, funnier, and braver- and keep changing dramatically as the days go on.  You have become quite creative in your ways- especially when it is bed time.  You wait until we’ve gotten you into bed and as we go for the door, the game of 500 requests start.  “I need a sugar!”, “Sing twinkle twinkle little star, please.”, “I want to sing to Jesus, next.”…”How about ABCDEFG.  I like wike that song.”
I have to go tee-tee.
I need more chocolate milk.
Rub my baaaack.
No covers.
Where is my Stuffy (stuffed dragon)!?
I don’t want my Stuffy, only my wubby.
  25 minutes later you are satisfied enough and off to sleep you go.
You’ve kept your “I do it myself!” attitude and that makes me more happy and more frustrated than you’ll ever know. I have no doubt you’ll stop at nothing to get what you want in life and do what you want to do.. and there is something to be said about finding your ability to be ‘great’ at just 3 years old.
While you love me…you truly are Daddy’s little girl.  You admire him.  You look up to him.  You want to please him.  You listen to him.  When you want something, you go to him first because you can usually give him the adoring look and he will do anything for you.  You want him to hold you, you want him to play with you and you want him to give you the last kiss goodnight.  

No matter how old you are, you will always be our sweet baby girls.

No matter what you do, we will always love you.

I am so incredibly proud to be your mama just because you sister girls are you.
You can be anything you want to be.
You are amazing in so many ways.
You girls have a laugh that is contagious- and I can hear it from miles away and know that its you.
You each have the most amazing personality that make my girls unique and so perfectly you.
You are incredibly talented in so many ways – coloring, puzzles, hugs, kisses, building blocks, running, climbing, singing, dancing.. oh.  the singing!  My most favorite moments of my day is listening to you two sing together- “..yes Jesus loves me!..
Our love for you is always there. Even when you do something wrong and you get in trouble – we still love you. That never changes.

My wish for you, my sweet sister girls, as you enter your third year of life, is that you will keep being my Jolie Grace and my Parker Jane. That you will keep dressing up like a princess, high heels and crown, while chasing your daddy around the backyard looking for spiders and snakes. That you will continue your best friendship with each other, but still finding comfort in playing alone.  The characters can change to whoever you would like them to be, just don’t stop pretending. Keep telling your wonderful creative stories you tell. Don’t ever stop telling me all about your dreams when you wake.  Keep laughing and smiling. Always believe you are “oh so preeety” because you girls are the most beautiful of them all!
You two are the lead character in 3 years worth of my very best memories.
We love you with all our hearts, big sister girls.  We are so excited for this next year that is to come!
Cheers to THAT!

December 9, 2015

  1. P!nky says:

    Awwww, they are too precious!

  2. Cassie says:

    Beautiful pictures! Happy birthday!