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By the time the hustle and bustle of Thanksgiving and the twins’ birthday rolls around AND shopping till I drop over the Black Friday sales for my babes, I forget to think about anything I want.  Jordan has asked me over and over this year what I want and I finally put something together.. SO whether this is for yourself or for a friend/sister/mother you cant forget about the ladies!

Minnetonka Slipper Booties // Not everyone is a slipper kind of person- but I am!  I started really wearing slippers when I was on bedrest with the twins.  Since then I’ve had my fair share of slipper options and love picking out a new pair every winter season.  I was flipping through the Nordstrom catalog and saw these super cozy looking ones and thought- I HAVE to get them!  They come in a couple different colors and I know my toes will be in comfy in and among all that fur lining. 

White Plum Giftcard // If you have read here for long, you know my love for White Plum.  The best leggings I’ve ever worn can be found here.  I have several items from their amazing boutique and have never been disappointed with my happy mail days.  If you missed it last week- I’m giving away 15 pairs of those amazing leggings HERE and in the meantime you can use PBJBABE30 for 30% off entire purchase until 12/7!  Start shopping ladies!
Rose Gold Oakley Sunglasses // It is about that time for me to upgrade my sunglasses.. I have been wearing the same ones for years and think these trendy aviators are the perfect switch.  Plus.. rose gold.  Give me all the rose gold.
Nena + Co Camera Strap // Most of the time my pictures are taken with my iPhone 6 (post about that coming next week!) but when I do pull my big girl camera out – I want to accessorize in style:)  Nena + Co have the most gorgeous patterns and prints, and with the added bonus of providing mamas in Guatemala a job to produce these gorgeous textiles. 
Viva la Juicy Gold // About three years ago my favorite perfume was discontinued so I was on the hunt for something just a good and one I would hope to love as much.  Jordan helped me out in finding a scent he liked as well. When I came across this one- I always envisioned ‘JUICY’ as a tween thing, but alas- I LOVE this perfume. A splurge, but lasts forever.
Zoku Iced Coffee Maker // Coffee lovers get your hands up!  When I was pregnant with Baker I fell in love and basically HAD TO HAVE an iced (decaf) coffee at least once a day.  Expecting this craving to cease once she had arrived was silly because I do have this desire still even almost 5 months.  A fun (and cheaper) way to fill my iced coffee void.
Kendra Scott “Taylor” Stud Earrings // I have become accustomed to being a minimalist when it comes to jewelry these days.  Earrings complete an outfit in my book- so my stud earrings have to make a statement.  These glittery Kendra Scott studs do the trick for me!
BareMinerals Marvelous Moxi Lip Gloss // FAVorite lip gloss of all time.  I got a sample pack of several of these lip gloss tubes- all in different shades – for my birthday and have scraped them dry.  You better believe I’m acting for these in my stocking this year!
William Sonoma Salted Caramel Hot Chocolate  // If you have ever had William Sonoma’s hot chocolate- it is awesome!  Rich and creamy.. I actually add a little of the cocoa power to my coffee for a twist on a classes mocha- so trendy and fancy while still in my pajamas and I didn’t even have to leave my house!  Pair it with this coffee mug and your coffee or hot chocolate lover will be in heaven!
SHINElife bar necklace // I got this bar necklace engraved right before Baker was born to wear in the hospital after delivery- representing my three girls.  I have each of their initials (jg + pj + bb) engraved and I wear it ALL the time- I cant remember the last time I took it off.  I chose the 14″ length so that I can layer it with other jewelry and it doesn’t get tangled.  It is my most favorite piece of jewelry.

December 3, 2015

  1. I love this list and have never saw or hear of the Zoku cup before and I am OBSESSED with iced coffee!!!!! Do you love it? The reviews were pretty good. Do you feel it would fit the coffee from one K cup and still have room for cream? Love, love, love your blog!!!!