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Time to finish up the holiday wish lists- and last (but certainly not least!) are fun gift ideas for your guy!  I basically built this list around what Jordan wants/needs/and will be getting, as well as his requests:)  Homeboy had a loooonngg list this year, but here are the highlights!
j.crew flannel shirts // these are Jordan’s all time favorite shirts.  He doesn’t shop for himself very often- so once a year at Christmas and then sometimes on his birthday (March) I get him a couple of these.  They are a little on the pricey side, but when he wears them for years, I see that as a wardrobe investment piece.  Jordan doesn’t care about that.. he likes the patterns:)
a good pair of slippers //  about six years ago I splurged and got Jordan a pair of these double leather lined slippers and he still wears them to this day.  It is time for a new pair- the bottoms are looking rough, but who can say they wore a pair of slippers for six years?  Every husband, father, brother could use a great pair of slippers. 
yeti low ball rambler // the sleekest of them all.. the lowball yeti rambler is not only for your tall beverages on the rocks, but you can use it for keeping your drinks hot or cold.  Jordan’s first thought when he came upon this short glass version of his favorite drinking cup was to use it for coffee, not alcohol.  My guy has a thing for coffee- and if you could see the variety of coffee creamers we have in our refrigerator door, you would really be impressed. This cup doesn’t come with a lid, but you can buy a rambler lid for $5 from
beats wireless earbuds // for my working man- he loves yard work, working out..and listening to music while he works (whistle while he works?).  If you happen the be our neighbor, you might just hear him belting a tune to Jeremy Camp or Randy Travis.  The wireless option is perfect for him to be able to move freely but still not lose sound.  He’s tried the standard ear buds over and over and just cant get them to stay put, which is why he prefers the ‘over the ear’ bud the most.
dollar shave club // if you haven’t caught wind of my (our) love for the dollar shave club – it is the most perfect gift.  After deciding to get Jordan a membership for Father’s Day two years ago, I finally got a membership for myself (we do the $9/mo).   The razors are legit..and so cheap in price, but not in quality!  They recently came out with hair product and after trying a couple samples Jordan loves the hair paste the best.  Throw in some of their amazing shave butter and you’re all set!
..and if you have never watched their marketing videos, they are hilarious!

December 10, 2015


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