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Becoming a mom is an exciting and wonderful experience, but sometimes it can be a little overwhelming, especially in situations you never expected- something for new mama’s to make note of.. things rarely go as planned:) 
I mentioned in Baker’s 9 months update that we had recently transitioned into supplementing with formula.  when she was cutting her bottom teeth back in between 7-8 months she went through a nursing strike (terrible!) and would nurse for just a short time and then be done- which really hurt my supply.  and then it gradually decreased as the weeks went on.  sure, I could have done things to increase my supply.  I could have pumped after every time she nursed.  added in another session before going to bed at night.
drink special tea.  
lactation cookies.  
but then again I have toddlers that rule to roost when they know I’m strapped to the pump and take advantage of those 20 minutes to completely wreak havoc.  the stinky horse pills linger for hours after taking them and if the tea was actually coffee you might have made me a believer.  
since Baker hit 9 months old we have been in the midst of a massive growth spurt – even drinking seven or eight ounces in a bottle at a time.. much more than her usual 6 ounces and this mama just cant keep up.
 I was fine with Baker getting a bottle or two while I was away at work or running errands, but getting a bottle for almost every single meal time during the day was giving me anxiety.  how would that transition go?  I wanted there to be a solution for she and I to be able to continue our nursing sessions for as long as I am able to provide and she wishes to accept it- even if its mostly just first thing in the morning and before she goes to bed at night.  I’m still pumping a couple times a day, but for the most part Baker takes 3-4 bottles of breastmilk + formula and I exclusively nurse her in the morning and before she goes to bed.

we’ve more or less used the same bottles between Baker and the twins- trying out a few new ones along the way, but I was recently introduced to the LATCH bottle, and it couldn’t have come at a better time!  while other bottles were designed to look like the breast, the patent-pending accordion nipple of the LATCH bottle was designed to not only look like the breast, but act like the breast, too! the LATCH nipple stretches, moves and pumps just like the breast.. I am seriously impressed by the flexibility and how realistic this nipple is.  because of the amazing shape and design of this bottle, the LATCH lets me provide as well as I can for Baker, but also have confidence that offering her a bottle to supplement for over half of her meal times throughout the day isn’t going to break the bond that we share during those quiet moments together.  taking care of a baby often means there’s less time for taking care of myself – I don’t even want to know how many hours I’ve spent with the pump.  but thankfully, me time just got a little bit easier with the MunchkinLATCH Bottles. their products are designed to allow moms like me to easily and comfortably transition between breast and bottle – completely relieving the stress of all that comes with it.

while I do appreciate any me time I can get, being a mama to my three girls is the greatest gift I have ever been given.  
I can only describe motherhood as the ultimate act of unconditional love.  I am challenged and pushed to my upmost limit every single day…I am the woman that I am and the woman that I want to become because I am a mother. motherhood kicks my butt, keeps me humble and gives me the greatest sense of accomplishment and peace compared to anything else I’ve ever done in my entire life- and I don’t remember what life was like before these little girls that consume my world.
the truth is, none of us are perfect and we shouldn’t aspire to be.  we are so hard on ourselves with such high expectations that we think we should abide by.  I am by no means perfect, but I am their first teacher and it is my responsibility to teach these young girls how to be a lady just by the way I carry myself through life, teaching compassion and empathy along the way. 
life is absolutely, one hundred and fifty percent crazy- but the beauty of it all, the beauty of motherhood, is something I would never ever trade. 
BIG thank you to b faith photography for snapping these photos and to Munchkin for their sponsorship of this post.  
All opinions expressed are my own.

May 4, 2016

  1. Kelly Smith says:

    This is really lovely Amber. Well said and Well Done!

  2. Biancadoes says:

    Beautiful <3