five on friday

first.  let me preface my typical fun five on friday post with the recognition of the tragedy late last night that happened so close to my heart here in DFW.  Jordan goes to work every third day to do his JOB and serve our community, and to be honest I don’t think twice about the danger he can be in.  he’s been doing this for 12 years and over time I have become oblivious to what he sees and situations he presented with every shift.  he works hand and hand with law officers every single shift.
this hits way too close to home for me and I’ve been sick about it.  my phone was blowing up with text messages from friends, local and out of the state, offering thoughts and prayers for our community of servicemen here in Dallas, which means so much. I am praying BIG for those families and my heart aches and tears stream for the children, mothers, fathers, sisters, brothers, and wives that lost their hero late last night as well as full recovery for those that are injured.
all lives matter.
one.  happy birthday, GRAYSON DANIEL!!
we love this little ‘brother’ of ours!  today Grayson is a whole year old and we cannot wait to celebrate with friends and family this weekend!  it is so funny how much Ashley and I talked about the possibilities of sharing time together in the hospital while we were pregnant (we have the same OB) but the likelihood was slim because our scheduled c-sections were 6 days apart..  in true Baker Bree fashion she made her way on her own and Auntie and Uncle J along with new baby Grayson were the first to meet miss Baker.. they were staying just two doors down, after all!  these babies are growing so fast, but I/we are loving every minute of it!!
so many many memories to come!  
two.  gimme brow.
I have never ever done much at all with my eyebrows.  low maintenance is where its at for me these days, but I was introduced to a new line of brown filler by benefit cosmetics last week and I am sort of hooked!  I have really uneven brows.  I have a scar from an accident when I was about 2 years old that forces my left brow to grow funky.. and the right brow has a cowlick.  the disaster of my eyebrows back in high school when I managed them myself are fully documented with thousands of pictures from the days of the disposable camera.. printed in doubles and triples to hand out to all my girlfriends after a weekend.  going to walgreens was like my favorite sunday stop.  one hour photo, baby. 
ANY way.  
the gal at the benefit brow bar has been doing them for four years and they look great, but even more so now that I got my hands on this stuff to fill out the areas that don’t grow well.
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naturally glam up my look without a lot of fuss at all.
hey snapchat.  thanks for the filter // follow my snaps!  pbjbabes
three.  weeknight family date.
early this week we grabbed dinner on the patio with some friends and then played in the splash pad area until dark.  mexican food + ice cream + water are always a great idea when its 90+ degrees out!  we don’t normally get out of the house on week nights, so it was a nice break in routine for us.  plus, good company and joy with our babies makes anything fun.

four. baker’s last bottle + first shiner.
 Baker girl took her last bottle on Thursday night!  she’s been refusing to take it at all over the last week or so (mayyyybe getting about 16 ounces/day), and wanting more food food, so I grabbed a gallon of whole milk (we do organic dairy) and started to taper off the amount of formula and added in whole milk.  I did this with the twins when I started to wean them, and it worked out well, but I foresee Baker to be pretty easy going about this transition.  we plan to go cold turkey on her first birthday with the formula and bottles all together anyway- which is Monday!!  more on all that in her 12 month update next week:)
oh, and her first black eye.. wont be her last anyway!

five. twin babes are growing up.
I am SO OBSESSED with life right now.  Baker is just at the best age, growing and changing and learning so much every day.. and the twins are just hilarious.  there is no other word to describe these two right now.  their vocabulary is ridiculous and they impress me on a daily basis!  life with them is insanely hard sometimes.  they talk back ALOT these days.. I don’t know whether to laugh or cry about that. but the good times completely outweigh those tough times!

.. weekend plans!  we don’t have a ton going on.  Jordan was adamant that we take a break this weekend after the last couple weeks being SO busy and the next couple weeks following suit with Baker’s birthday and BBQ’s and, and, and..
I did meal plan for next week!
whats for dinner?
monday: quinoa salmon burgers w roasted sweet potatoes + fresh green beans
tuesday: tortellini casserole w tossed salad greens
wednesday: grilled chicken, brown rice, garlic parmesan zucchini + tomato bake
thursday: grilled beef fajitas + peppers and onions, + chili lime sweet corn salad
friday: cereal! frozen pizza! turkey sandwich!  I’ll be in full party prep mode so I’m definitely NOT cooking:)

July 8, 2016

  1. Darcy Potter says:

    You were the first person I thought about last night when I saw the news happening in Dallas! I immediately thought if Jordan would be responding to help out or not. I so pray for this country and our world right now. So much violence and it all just makes me so sad. I try and stay disconnected when I can but it just becomes too much 🙁 So happy to hear your family is safe and sound and will continue to pray for Jordan while in the field and for all law enforcement and the people of our beautiful country. Luvs and hugs 🙂

  2. Nora Moreno says:

    I think it is so brave that you addressed these events, I know its not the "prettiest" topic. Major respect to Jordan and all those in his line of work, and the families who support them. My heart hurts so much for Dallas!

  3. Lavakels says:

    Do you have any updates for best sippy cup? I feel like I can never find the right one…..My cousins are paramedics so I pray a lot for them. These situations are so sad…there are no words.

  4. Katy Wright says:

    So happy to know your hubby and family are safe. It's terrible what happened and for EVERYONE involved. ALL lives matter. I love your post!I just got on the brow benefit wagon and it has seriously saved my short brows. OMG I can't believe one day I'll have to wean my baby girl off the bottle! It feels like I just saw Baker's birth announcement!