five on friday

mama is tired.
my goal for this month:
felt board // letterfolk via magnolia market 
felt ball garland // hooray everyday
one. double take
we got to see Brady twice this week! early in my pregnancy while waiting to get in to see my OB I bought a package at a place near my house that does 4D sonograms only.  this week we got to see how much those chubby cheeks have changed and I am so in LOVEE! his lips and his nose look exactly like is sisters and ya’ll he has a FULL head of hair.  we could see it floating around in there, which doesn’t surprise because Parker, Jolie, and Baker all had lots when they were born..
 we also went to the perinatologist to check on baby boy’s kidneys as well monitor my amniotic fluid.  being diagnosed with polyhydramnios and Brady having a kink in his left kidney I’m in the high risk category for pregnancy and so we get the benefit of seeing him pretty often.
GREAT news is that, for the first time in my pregnancy, my fluid levels are relatively normal! my belly size hasn’t changed much over the last couple weeks so I was hopeful this was a sign that I was finally leveling out a bit. the fluid around Brady’s kidney is in fact slightly elevated, but the talk of early delivery is off the table- yes!!  she does want me to come back one more time and to start going to my OB weekly.
 I officially have 6 weeks left of cooking this baby boy:)
its going by SO quickly, you guys!
 two. THE most random craving
I haven’t had too many wild and crazy cravings this go round with pregnancy.  I usually have one or two things I cant get my mind off of when I am pregnant, it was peanut butter toast with the twins and I definitely ate a steak about once a week and absolutely had to have an iced coffee every single day in my pregnancy with Baker.. and this time around?
sweet tarts made their appearance early in my first trimester when I wasn’t hardly able to eat much of anything due to nausea, and now in my third trimester I am craving radishes.
I bought them for a recipe I was making and after putting them away in the fridge until it was time to use them I couldn’t stop thinking about eating them! 
just one!  or two!
..I ate the entire bag.  and have bought and consumed several bunches since.
I just eat them raw but after posting them on my IG stories (@masseya) I had several people mention delicious ways to prepare them.
salt and vinegar?!  YAS.  100% yes. changed my life.
and someone else mentioned roasting the radishes
that’s next on my list.
three. grow them well
we made some time to take head shots of the big girls this week.  I’ve had a few good friends give me advice on presenting them to a local and very large modeling agency in Dallas and after much discussion and prayer about it, Jordan and I decided to pull the trigger.  we’ve been putting it off for almost a year now and the main reason for all this is it would give a giant boost to their college savings fund. we started savings accounts for each of them when they were born, and adding to it more than a couple times a month would be beneficial for all of us! my adult friends that have worked with this agency both mentioned that they were able to pay their way through college with their earnings.
I have no idea where this will go, if it goes anywhere at all, and if they absolutely HATE it we will be done. its not worth the trouble for any of us.
but look at these girls.
love them.

four. SPA DAY!
a couple of my besties are sending me to the spa this weekend to celebrate Brady.  I am SO excited!apparently this place has multiple rooms and like three restaurants + a juice bar.  I’ll take a cheeseburger and a green smoothie, please:)
would you like that before or after your prenatal massage?
how about both:)
five. weekend motivation
I hope after my day at the spa on Saturday I’ll return with plenty of energy and a renewed desire to be the best mom ever to three little ladies waiting for me at home.
a little motivation for the weekend:
its Friday!!

February 3, 2017

  1. I love babies! I'm so sad that my kids are growing up too fast. I wanted them to stay babies for a bit longer.

    You look amazing, by the way! I looked like a beached whale while I was pregnant.

  2. Enjoy your spa time!!

  3. My siblings and I did a Walmart commercial as kids. It paid for all 4 of us to get braces! Definitely worth it 🙂

  4. aw to see that baby has HAIR!! how exciting to know just a little more about him already!

  5. J says:

    what is the name of the local spa? it looks amazing!!