photo every hour | Saturday-ish

Saturday was a FULL day. it started early and went almost into midnight.  I snapped this picture of the twins playing quietly in their beds- their alarm clock doesn’t light up until 7:45am and so if they wake before then (which usually happens) they read books or play quietly until its time to get up.
(we use this clock and it works GREAT! you can also see the rest of Parker + Jolie’s room HERE)
I decided after sending a picture of my “unicorn coffee” mug to my dad that.. hey I haven’t done my photo every hour post in awhile and we have a fun day ahead, why not!

I probably have never been so successful in documenting our day.. I was pretty proud because normally I forget an hour here and there and have to start over (forehead slap).  in attempt to stay awake at 5am nursing Brady, I started cleaning out the photos on my phone and then went and deleted the entire 2000+ photos in the “recently deleted” album.. well in my exhaustion I ended up getting rid of a couple photos for this post and didn’t realize it until the next morning.  GOOD thing is that I am a creature of habit, so I was able to recreate some of those photos on Sunday. 
this child.. doesn’t usually get up before 9am, and often not until ten in the morning!
I have no secrets on ways to get my kid to do this glorious act of sleeping- Parker was the worst sleeper EVER and still wakes me about twice a night just for a hug:)
Baker was here.
finally leaving the house!  off to brunch and start the day!
crab cake benedict! this was one that I deleted on saturday.. but sunday I met a few of my favorite gal pals for brunch (again!) and snapped a pic of my repeat breakfast!
my favorite little girls on this earth!
wearing these amazing boyfriend overalls HERE, my top is old but find a similar one HERE and the best fitting sunglasses I have ever owned are from Diff Eyewear.  (use code AMBER25 for a discount!)  how fun are the colored lenses for summer?!
..and my dainty layered bar necklaces are from jays+jewels
shoes + 4 babies at a very busy old navy.  not our best move, but all hands on deck and a polite stranger that helped keep Baker entertained while waiting in a long line to check out! 
quick pickmeup after about forty seven errands run whilst herding cats.. 
what should really be pictured here is the butterfinger + peanut butter custard thing I was seduced into eating by the picture on the board at Sonic, but on Sunday I made a better decision with a yogurt from Starbucks.
giant Sonic beverages, an empty custard cup, and a hungry babe.  we sat in the church parking lot and let the girls climb all over the car while I nursed Brady before heading inside for church at 5PM.
Brady’s paci clip HERE + my FAVorite baby tee HERE + baby harems HERE
not before stopping at Starbucks- duh.
church + my sleepy baby in the wrap!
find my wrap HERE + my new favorite watch HERE + Brady’s favorite paci HERE
back to the car we go!
we went to grab a bite to eat and I ate my pizza while nursing Brady.  Jordan and I locked eyes in and amongst the controlled chaos and he said “you are a rock star” picked up my phone and snapped the sweetest picture of me and Brady in the dark corner of the restaurant.. of course I deleted it.
so.. here is Brady and I (on Sunday) while eating ice cream after dropping the girls off with their BB and Papa for the night.  no chaos.  no stress. but still sweet.. and still eating while nursing.
story of my breastfeeding life.
I’m crying tears of thanks after our waiter told us that someone had picked up the check.  I’m so thankful for that sweet selfless act and these five people that make my world go round.
more chaos.. the twins helped me get Brady in the bath after we got home. all the hands and water everywhere just made me sweat!  I snapped a picture of Brady patiently enduring a scrub down by Jolie, but alas.. deleted.  (I’m so annoyed with myself).
bath time for me and Brady happened again on Sunday night, anyway.
good night for Mr. Brady!
I ended up falling asleep on the couch around 11pm and crawled into bed about midnight.
its Monday again and I’m already counting down to the weekend!  

May 8, 2017


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