Baker’s big girl room

finally!  this room has been a labor of love, you guys.  well sort of.. she’s basically been sleeping in a room full of clutter as we transitioned her from crib > “big girl bed” > changing out furniture > adding wall paper.. I felt like it took forever and now that its finally done it feels so good!

Baker did a surprisingly great job in the transition out of her crib.  the twins were terrible with a capital T and it took them a bit to figure out that even thought they have the freedom get in and out of bed they shouldn’t at all hours of the night. I was nervous to walk through that again with another toddler, but we haven’t had an issue in the last few months since she’s been in a bed and not the crib. once again Jordan filled requests for my specific vision when it came to Baker’s big girl room.

you can find an entire list of product and shop sources at the end of the post, but first,

check out Baker’s Big Girl Room!

I worked with some of my favorite small shops to create this space for Baker, including Beddy’s!  you know, after sharing my love multiple times here on the blog about Beddy’s that Miss Baker was going to eventually have her own!  after browsing their site, the vintage blush bedding and pillow set was perfect for her color scheme.  regardless of the perfect color, I fall in love with the ease, durability, and “all in one“option of the girls’ bedding sets every time. the sleek elastic around the entire bottom edge keeps the bedding in place like a fitted sheet and the zippers on both sides allows for very easy making of the bed.  plus, Baker can do it herself with a simple zip of the side zippers, so thats a huge plus!

I stuck with the same colors as her original nursery and Jordan thanked me for not having to repaint BUT I did want him to hang a vintage wall mural from anewall designs.   the dark floral mural offered a whimsical finish to her new room, and something she can grow into once she’s older.  I also liked that it matched the updated canvas prints I added from her two year old birthday shoot.since her new dresser was much smaller than the original that took up an entire wall in her room, we had a great amount of space to include the all lace teepee from tnee’s tpees. I also included the faux fur rug from tnee’s that fits perfectly in the square bottom of the teepee.  I fixed it up with a couple fluffy pillows and created a sweet little space for Baker to read her books (she loves books right now!!) and play with her baby dolls.

we found this furniture piece on a garage sale site on Facebook.  Jordan repainted it bright white (it was originally a matte black chalkboard paint) an added the beat board to the backing after painting it grey.  the BAKER letters are from her sip and see and have been hanging in her closet the last two years- finally the sweetest place to display them! so excited for our silly goose to be growing up!  I love her new little place and so does she!!  photography by:: b faith photography 

white iron bed:: walmart

bedding + pillows c/o beddy’s

custom felt garland c/o pearl + jane

custom BAKER pillow c/o pearl + jane

silhouette c/o vonjet silhouettes

canvas prints:: canvas on demand via groupon

teepee c/o tnee’s teepees

felt flower garland:: brickyard buffalo

moses basket c/o plum + sparrow

original custom BAKER wood sign:: six eleven co.

‘happy place pillow’:: pillowfort for target

dark floral wall mural c/o anewall

canvas bucket:: pehr designs

starry globe nightlight:: target

flamingo:: anthropologie

September 26, 2017

  1. Stephanie Allen says:

    LOVE!!!! Well done mama! It’s crazy and amazing to see a room that fits a toodler & (can totally see it) being fitting for her as a teenager! Such a great space to play, create, read and grow into!!!

    So….what’s next? Hahah

  2. Angela says:

    Love the wall color! What color is it painted

  3. Angela says:

    Love the wall color! What color is it painted

  4. Sheri says:

    What about the brick side?? Love it! I skimmed but did you mention if it’s wall paper or real brick/shiplap?

    • amber says:

      its actually original from her nursery design:) so I didn’t mention it! It is real reclaimed wood that was white washed, painted white, and distressed then put together on the wall like puzzle pieces.

  5. CC says:

    Beautiful roo, for a beautiful girl!

  6. ok gorgeous toddler room! and genius on the bed, harper’s is most always a hot mess of not being made!

  7. Trisha says:

    Wow! Love Baker’s big girl room (that floral wallpaper!!) and the new blog look!

  8. Daisy says:

    Love this! What size is the bed?

  9. Terra says:

    Ok I have a question about the bed. Is the bed well made?! Is it wobbly in any way or is it a steady made bed?!! I just want to know before I purchase it is for my toddler!!! I’m transitioning my second child that just turned three into a big girl bed. Lord help us all. Haha I really hope she does better than my oldest did. Which she got up 10 times before actually going to sleep lol

    • amber says:

      It is 100% well made. We bought two, using with the twins, and now using it for Baker- is its held up very well! you won’t be disappointed!