big girl dates + lil diff

spending time with Parker and Jolie has been more important now than ever.  they’re growing at lightning speed.. and to be honest, its quite surprising how much they are learning as they go. while I am a mama to four babes, I’m still a first timer when it comes to everything these girls go through. each stage comes with its own challenges and shifts and transitions.  I’ve got to give myself grace on a regular basis because some days my head is spinning when the littlest things take them over the edge with emotions.. how does one overcome the immediate break down in tears before I can even respond to a request..?  asking for more ketchup for their Dino nuggets quickly triggers the water works, apparently. one thing that has been valuable to our relationship and getting to know my girls with each stage is having one on one dates with them. there is no denying that our house is busy with a capital B. we are in a constant state of movement and I am thankful for their easy going nature. (most of the time..and I actually might use the term “most” pretty loosely- ha!). I have the best little helpers of all time right by my side everyday.  they have taken on small chores around the house like feedings our dog, Oscar, and putting away the silverware while I unload the dishwasher.  they are also really amazing with Brady.  never could I have imagined how quickly my girls would grow up until we added a baby into the mix.  all that is to say that our big girl dates are really important. often times its just running errands with mama.  sometimes we get a mani + pedi, which we have been doing since they were about 2 years old.  Baker won’t even entertain the idea of sitting still for something like that, so visiting our favorite nail salon has become a special treat for just Parker and Jolie. we love to visit the library or play with the train table at Barnes and Noble. sno cones and Bahama Bucks and (decaf) mini lattes (hot chocolate..but Jolie likes to steal ships of mama’s caramel macchiato at Starbucks- they LOVE coffee)!  we get out and about once or twice a week while Baker is in preschool and Brady is hanging out with daddy. I cherish this time with Parker and Jolie because I will never get this time back.  one thing that is really cool to me about Parker and Jolie is their interest in everything I’m doing/wearing. they love to dress up in my clothes, wear my shoes, and it completely makes their day to get a swipe of blush on their cheeks while I’m getting ready in the morning.  we love the accessories over here, too:: bows (duh, since birth, literally), shoes, jewelry, jackets, sunglasses.. all of it.  I’ve partnered with DIFF eyewear over the last year to share their amazing sunglasses and motive behind what they do.  DIFF donates a pair of reading glasses for each pair of glasses sold- not to mention their price point is incredible.

when DIFF contacted us to share their newest line of lil sunnies I knew the girls would be STOKED.

this week- Wednesday actually, DIFF is launching lil DIFF for the coolest babes on the block! I’m wearing the Jesse James Decker aviators (literally the best fitting glasses I have ever worn) and Jo is wearing a pair to match!  Parker is wearing the tortoise frame lil Bella and looking darn cute!  follow DIFF along on instagram for the announcement of their release later this week and use code AMBER25 for 25% off your purchase

photography by: b faith photography 

sunnies c/o DIFF eyewear

vest + tee // denim trousers

October 23, 2017

  1. CC says:

    Your girls are beautiful, they look darling with their sunnies! ?

  2. RiCha Buchner says:

    I love my fix you styled for me this week! It was a 5/5! Thank you!

  3. Sarah Dickens says:

    I️ tried to use the code but it did not work! Do you have any suggestions?