weekend road trip | part ii

on Saturday morning Jordan and I slept in (again!!) and headed over to my parents house for breakfast and to see the babies.  my parents, bless them, kept the kiddos for us while we were away and it was SO good to see them! I scooped Baker up and snuggled with twins and about ate Brady’s cheeks off:) on Saturday we hung out at the house all afternoon- my dad made chili (he makes THE best chili) and we lounged and watched the TX vs. OU game.  we napped, the babes napped, we ate bowls of chili and homemade chocolate chip cookies- it was a much needed lazy day.

the weather was gorgeous on Sunday! the temps shifted and the high was only about 75 degrees.  my mom had mentioned earlier in the weekend that she was wanting to take the kids somewhere like the zoo or children’s museum and on Saturday she had seen some of her friends take their kids to a fall festival at a farm just about 45 minutes from where they live.  after naps we loaded up the kiddos and headed out to Barton Hill Farms for a full afternoon of pumpkins, corn mazes, giant blob trampolines, face painting, and tractor rides.  we had so much fun!   

if you are ever in the Austin area you have to check it out! they do this festival every year and its really worth the trip. we shut the place down that afternoon and headed back to my parent’s house to eat lasagna and clean up/packed up our things from the house. when we visit the big girls always stay with Nana + Duke and Jordan and I, and Baker and now Brady stay at a hotel just a few minutes up the road.  that evening we headed back to the hotel with everyone because we had plans to leave fairly early on Monday morning.  when we finally made it back to the hotel it was well after 10pm and everyone was hungry.. thankful for late night room service and chocolate milk and fruit loops and Doc McStuffins on the Disney channel.    we met my mom early the next morning for a quick breakfast before we hit the road.

my mom. she loves these babies SO much and tells me every single day how much she loves and misses them. just as a side note to this post about our weekend fun.. I want to ask for prayers for my mom.  over the last year she’s lost about 45 pounds, not eating or having much of an appetite at all.  after doing extensive blood work and testing they have found a tumor in her brain.  its sitting on her pituitary gland which her doctor explained can cause excessive weight gain or weight loss, to which my mom is less than 100 pounds now.  they have her on medication to stimulate her appetite- which gives me anxiety because the same medication I gave to my cancer patients when I worked in the hospital.  but the good news is that she’s slowly gaining some weight back while they figure out what we are going to do.  tumors in this gland are often benign and more common than I realized (thanks, google) but it does need to be removed because its causing a host of problems.  she’s really stressed out.  we all are.

still trying to process everything and her team of doctors are awesome so I know she’s in great hands.  there is a sense of urgency OF COURSE because, hello- tumor in her brain.  but she was given notice about a month ago that her position is being dissolved at the end of the year, which also means she wont have insurance unless she finds another job asap.

just keep her in your thoughts and prayers- means so much! 

October 19, 2017

  1. Daria says:

    So sorry about your mom! Sending prayers her way…

  2. Laci says:

    The fall festival pics are gorgeous! The first ladies are growing up and beautiful. Prayers for your mama!!

  3. Kylie Murdock says:

    Looks like an amazing weekend with lots of memories made! BUT oh goodness – Prayers for your mama and sweet family!

  4. Chantal Trinka says:

    Prayers to your mama. It’s so scary when a family member gets sick.

    What you described sounds like possible Cushing’s Disease. Not saying my situation is at all the same, but I am familiar with it because my dog was diagnosed with Cushing’s and it’s caused by a pituitary gland tumor. Apparently the disease affects humans and animals alike. Thankfully, like you said it can be effectively treated with meds.
    All my best wishes to your family to get through this and for your mama to overcome it!

  5. J says:

    Praying, Amber! Prayed with a friend today and she was instantly healed! He’s a good, good Father!

  6. Brittany H. says:

    Praying for your mom. ♡♡
    We go to Austin often, I hope we can plan a trip to that festival next year, it looks amazing!

  7. Tammy says:

    My thoughts and prayers are with your mom and your family.

  8. Crystal says:

    Could you please tell me where you got the girls striped pants and boots?

    Thank you so much you have the best style!

    • amber says:

      Hi! The pants are actually from old navy about 2 seasons ago:). Boots are old navy, too! and we just got them!

  9. CC says:

    Prayers for your mama!

  10. oh the joy on her face with those babies by her side! praying. the happiness those babies bring could be the best medicine too 🙂

  11. Shannon Clark says:

    Keeping your mama in our prayers!

  12. Julie says:

    I’m so sorry to hear about your mom. She will certainly be in my prayers.

  13. Tiffany says:

    My thiughts and prayers are with your family and especially your mom. My dad pass away in 2014 after have 6 successful brain surgeries due to having a brain tumor, his 7 was a successful surgery as well but the tumor came back full force and not much more they could have done, he was diagnosed when he was 30 and passed at the age of 52 longest living survivor with his type of tumor. My heart aches for your mom but also knows she will be a great fighter and only positive will come of this situation. Best wishes, thoughts and prayers, and please keep us posted on her progress.

    Much love Tiffany

    • amber says:

      Thank you, Tiffany! God is so good and what a blessing it was for your Dad to have lived such a life with that illness. We appreciate your thoughts and prayers!

  14. Joanie says:

    Just prayed for your momma, I know how hard that is to walk through with a parent ♥️