Brady Jordan | 6 month update

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our happy bug is SIX months old!  I still can’t believe how quickly time is flying by- with every kid I feel like they grow faster and faster I can hardly keep up!  this month was a bit rough- we dealt with croup, a grow spurt, sleepless nights, and nap strikes.. its been exhausting but finally I feel like he’s getting back into being his normal self.  fingers crossed, guys.

remember what this sweet boy looked like 6 months ago?

…and now!


  • we have two bottom teeth!!  they finally broke through this last week and everyone was thankful!
  • he’s scooting all over the place!  we have been playing on our tummy more often and he’s pushing himself backwards and reaching as far as he can to meet the toys in his line of vision- I bet it won’t be long before he’s up on all fours!
  • we tried yogurt this month and he LOVES it.  it took about 4 weeks, but I think we have finally figured out/mastered eating off of the spoon.
  • still drooling.  all over the place.  trying to keep his (nonexistent) neck dry has proven to be a challenge.
  • we are officially sitting up!  still a little wobbly, but we are practicing often and he’s getting better every day!
  • Brady recognizes his name when you call him- he turns to look almost immediately when you call him.
  • SUGARS!  Brady hands out the biggest open mouth kisses- complete with face grab and head-butt.
  • his babbles and vocal noises have moved from vowel sounds to consonants- he says “guh-guh” and “mmmuh” all the time.
  • starting to reach for me or Jordan when the other one of us is holding him.
  • he thinks his sisters are absolutely hilarious!  he laughs all day at Parker and Jolie being silly with him.
  • Mickey is Brady’s homeboy.  he shouts, screeches, yells, giggles, stomps his feet when he’s in the activity bouncer toy, and makes the funniest outbursts at the television when he is on.  it really is so funny and so strange how quick these babes pick up on the glories of Mickey Mouse, Baker and the twins were the same!
  • Brady is still a social little guy and wants to be in the mix of everything all the time- so when we leave he is noticeably upset.
  • bath time is his FAVORITE.  if he is fussy- which happens often in the evenings close to bed time, I stick him in the bathtub after he’s eaten his solid foods and his entire attitude changes.  he loves it!
  • Brady is in size 3 diapers, wearing some 3-6 months clothing.. but growing into and fitting better in 6-9 and 6-12 months.

we went to Brady’s 6 month well check and Dr. Butler gave him the once over and reported overall that he’s a healthy boy!  we did discover another ear infection- second one in three months (*sigh*) but it doesn’t surprise me one bit because he’s been SO sick.  I don’t think any of my babies have had croup as terribly as Brady had it the last couple weeks.  fever, congestion, the terrible + painful cough.. talk about heartbreaking!

Brady at SIX months

Weight: 17 pounds 10 ounces (49th percentile)
Birth: 7 lbs 4 oz
Height: 27.2 in (72nd percentile)
Birth: 20 in
Head: 44.5 cm (68th percentile)
Birth: 34.5 cm
I was nervous that Brady hadn’t gained weight or that his growth curve was going to be off because he’s been eating like a bird for over two weeks due to not feeling well, but our big boy gained over 2 pounds in the last three months and exactly one pound since I did a weight check at 5 months, so all is good!  his head size also jumped about 4 inches, to which they remeasured twice to be certain that was correct and sure enough the boy just has a big head:)
up until a couple weeks ago Brady ate like clockwork, 6 ounces every three hours.  since I’ve been home he’s been nursing more, which I am thankful for but I’ve also been offering bottles because on top of being sick he’s also cut the two bottom teeth and nursing has become painful- so he wasn’t taking the time to really ‘work’ to get the amount he was taking before.  he’s been only eating about 3 ounces in a bottle that he gets once or twice a day and then nurses every three hours the other feedings.  we have had a really good run with breastfeeding- so I am excited to say we are still going strong.
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my supply sort of tanked a bit when he started feeling bad and couldn’t nurse as well, so I have been supplementing with formula here and there along with using some of my frozen stash until he and I can work my way back to a full supply.. which shouldn’t be too far off because I am starting to get the ‘full’ feeling back again when its been 3 or 4 hours since he ate last.
we started cereals last month– we really like the organic quinoa cereals (I found them at Target!) and when he got sick he basically screamed at me for the 15-20 minutes I attempted to feed him in the evenings, so I put it off, until literally yesterday..
so far we love sweet potatoes, bananas, pears, butternut squash, and whole milk yogurt.
 I am making his baby food, but out of convenience I have been using beech-nut baby food when we are away from home during the time he eats solids.  right now he only eats solids in the evenings, but I am going to start offering him a fruit and yogurt midday before nap time and then offer vegetables and cereal in the evening.
I think he’s kind of over the cereal so I might start to transition it out as I add in more vegetables.
he’s such a big boy, now!  he’s grown leaps and bounds this last month and definitely the biggest change is how emotional he gets when someone walks away from him. I never heard the “you hurt my feelings” cry before now and its just the saddest thing! Brady starts to cry every time Jordan or myself leave the room or walk away from him.  I can be holding Brady and if his dad walks away from him he gets so upset- with big crocodile tears running down his cheeks. sweet boy just wants to be included in everything. that little voice is still as talkative as ever!  he has started recently putting together more sounds- the most noticeable and happens most often is “mama mama mama mama“.  he does this when he’s hungry and knows it is time to eat and I’m doing things to let him know its time to eat – like pulling out the boppy or sitting with him in the chair in his nursery.  he knows whats coming!  I highly doubt he’s associating ‘mama’ with ME, over that of the comfort of nursing.  whatever it is- I’m not denying it.  we have been exclusively nursing in his room because holy distraction batman.  he cannot handle even me playing on my phone let alone the girls or Jordan talking/playing while he’s trying to eat.  he will pop off and just look at me with a furrowed brow.. I almost always start laughing and he gives me a little smirk and goes back to eating.  stinker.
he loves to play in the activity bouncer seat we have- hand-me-down from the twins and Baker. he doesn’t so much use the swing anymore,  but will hang out in the mamaroo while I’m cooking or taking a shower.  he also loves to play in the highchair along with his booster seat.
omg sleep sucks.  so bad.  I can see the light at the end of the tunnel but YOU GUYS neither Jordan or myself are getting much more than a handful of hours of sleep.  it is much better than when he was sick- I was living on fumes and and average of 2 hours of sleep at night and with four kids, two of which don’t nap anymore, there is little time to catch a cap nap during the day like I did when Baker was this age. we have slept in the swing.  we have slept on the boob (for real.)..on the couch.  in my bed.  we have tried lots of things to get through the night with a decent nights sleep.  we are learning how to self soothe still and Brady doesn’t take a pacifier so when he wakes at night there is not really a process he understands for getting himself back to sleep on his own.  our pediatrician mentioned that self soothing doesn’t really register for babies until the age of 6 months so maybe it will come soon.. sooner than later, please?  this week really has been the first week he’s felt back to normal and sleep has been okay.. staying in his crib for most of the night and waking to eat once or twice, which is what he was doing before he got sick. bedtime is about 7:30pm.  typically he will sleep until about midnight or 1am, wake to eat and then sleep until 5am-6am and wake to eat again. most of the time he will go right back down- and usually sleeps in the morning until about 8am. this is a good night!  it is an even better night if he will go down about 7:30pm-8pm and sleep until between 4am-5am and then back down until about 8am.  but I haven’t seen those kind of nights in a looooong time.
as far as naps go- he gets one solid nap a day.  he will sleep in the car while I’m running errands, but for the most part we aren’t usually home for two full naps.  he’s been known to sleep for 3-4 hours in the middle of the day, which usually falls in line with Baker’s nap time, so thats a bonus.  occasionally he will nap for about 45-60 minutes in the morning around 9:30-10AM and always in the afternoon around 1-2PM. if he doesn’t get a good afternoon nap he will some times take another 45 minute nap in the evening around 4:30PM which gives me time to make dinner and get the girls fed before he wakes to eat himself.

each day with you brings something new to remember and I’m so thankful for your happy spirit, buddy.
happy 6 months!


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October 3, 2017

  1. six months always felt so big to me! what a sweet boy and those big eyes of his!

  2. alison says:

    I love all of his clothes in these posts…the moccs with the “ties” the striped jammies…where did you get them all? and how do you get his hair to faux hawk?

    • amber says:

      Hey! I bought hair pomade to help get the faux hawk! Moccs are from freshly picked and I think you might be talking about his black and white jams and those are by Goats Milk and I got them from Shop Darling Clementine online:)

  3. Laci says:

    How do you even stand his cuteness??? My goodness he gives me baby fever and I can’t have anymore LOL those cheeks and eyes!! Adorable kids Amber!

  4. Kristy says:

    I mean…they’re all 4 adorable! Where do you get your matching boy/girl jammies? I love a good matching outfit but my boy is 6 and baby girl is almost 1.5. Help!!

    • amber says:

      I just went through and updated the blog for links to everything! I usually start with the twins and work on finding other coordinating options! Old Navy and Carter’s usually does an awesome job at having similar color options across the board of gender and sizing!