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Ive been sitting here glued to my television this morning and throughout this afternoon.  I have fear, anxiety, and hurt running through my veins at the moment as last night’s events unfold on every channel I turn to and I cannot even fathom how those that were/are directly affected must feel. I follow Candace Bure on Instagram and she posted the perfect words this morning in light of this tragedy.  evil doesn’t take God by surprise.  from John 16:33 :: I have told you these things so that in me you have peace, in this world you will find trouble but take heart I have overcome the world.

yes.  indeed.

my heart is heavy and I’m holding these babies tight tight TIGHT.  as I look through these photos I’ve snapped over the last couple weeks I am so thankful for these little lights during times of darkness. the days have been running together and before I realize it 2 weeks have gone by!  so I thought I’d share a little phone photo dump + update on what we’ve been doing!

of course.. October 1st happened:) I have never put a baby in a pumpkin before and WHAT in the world have I been waiting on?! we grabbed these HUGE pumpkins at Sam’s over the weekend for like $6 each- I was in shock at the price for their size because something equivalent would have been easily $40 at our local patch.  on our way home we grabbed some white + copper color spray paint and glammed up a couple of those pumpkins for the porch.  this week we plan to get the girls their own mini pumpkins to paint and add to our porch collection- I really love this time of year.

mama’s birthday! 

I turned 33 last week!  this time last year we were announcing my pregnancy with Brady and I cannot believe its been a year already!   we celebrated with the family- the dallas arboretum’s pumpkin village opened the weekend before and so when Jordan asked what I wanted to do for my special day I was hard set on finding some pumpkins. we packed a picnic lunch and spent the afternoon walking the gorgeous gardens and of course playing among the pumpkin village.  we also happened to go on Wednesday and now through October they have BOGO admission on Wednesdays!the garden was a complete Wizard of Oz theme this year and it was so cool!  complete with auntie em’s (pumpkin) house + yellow brick road, and flying monkeys.  we will be coming again!  it was relatively affordable to do with my crew seeing as we payed half the price + packed a lunch and cooler with water.  super easy and really fun day.BRADY in a bonnet.  made my entire YEAR. the sweet pine and poppy shop made this pixie bonnet in honey color and I got his grey button romper HERE and his cardigan HERE.  these moccs are my favorite and the perfect neutral from freshly picked.

baker’s dress is from gracious may // twins’s shirt is old from Zara and shorts + sandals are old navy!

my top HERE + shorts HERE + booties HERE (under $50!)

omg they are growing so much!we ended the day with my birthday coffee from Starbucks and eating Mexican food at our regular spot with the in-laws.  it was a really good day!big girl dates!

Baker has been LOVING preschool and I’ve been enjoying up my time with just the twins (well, and Brady, too!) while she is away. I think they have loved having just some one on one time with mama and being able to play without Miss Baker a bit.  running errands and chilling out at home has been the norm but we have hit up the park, grabbed a big sister girls lunch and sprung for donuts after preschool drop off and before we headed to Target:) I am soaking in these girls because every single day they wake up bigger and with more knowledge than I can keep up with!  the stuff that comes out of their mouths everyday floors night! 

we rarely get date nights these days but we are trying to squeeze them in when we can! we hit up the last Ranger’s game of the season over the weekend and had the best time just the two of us.  we have season tickets and only went to three games this season..if that tells you anything! time is flying you guys.  life slows down at some point, right?

summer is slowly coming to an end over here.. even though its still freakin’ HOTT here in Texas.  I have pumpkins on my porch, so um, go ahead and make that switch from sweltering to freezing, pls. because in Texas there is no in between.

October 2, 2017

  1. Kayla says:

    The cutest family! Thanks for sharing! ?

  2. Hannah says:

    I adore you and your family! You were the one person that inspired me to blog (although I’m not very good and my site is lame) so I guess I can say you’re kinda my blog crush. Also apparently I’m a creep. It’s ok. But seriously I love reading your posts and stories and seeing your babes!!

  3. Katy says:

    Thanks for sharing! I would love to check out that pumpkin patch and make a day trip out of it ( we live in Round Rock)!

    • amber says:

      you totally should! it runs through the rest of the October until the week of Thanksgiving. I think its worth the trip:)

  4. Pamela says:

    So cute! What color lipstick are you wearing in the Rangers photo? Looking for something just like that! Thank you ?