Jolie + Parker | number five

the initial title for this blog post was simply “number five” but I could see how that would offer thoughts and suggestion to BABY number five, and this is absolutely NOT that:)

we’re in a downward spiral to five years old with Parker + Jolie which also means I’m in full party planning mode. three words to describe this party::

pink + girly + pastel  

I pulled these pins via Pinterest as inspiration for their fifth birthday party.. which I actually has an entirely different vision for. I randomly opened an email from my favorite party shop while Jolie was sitting in my lap and she got a peek at something super pretty and sparkly, and announced her birthday to be exactly like it.  of course Parker agreed.  she’s all about the pink.

fine by me!

we switched gears pretty quickly and I’ve got the sweetest party planned for our big girls. this one is extra special to me. is it just me or is turning five kinda like a sweet sixteen?  its like the official passage into little girl world, although I think we are already there. this year also marks the last “party” I throw for them. I’ve cut myself off for these parties at age five.   next year they’ll be in kindergarten with a bunch of little friends and will definitely have more of a say in what they want to do for their birthday.. so. getting a little sentimental here but I just cannot believe they have grown so quickly!  my bossy little toddlers have turned into the most amazing helpers and big sisters to Baker and Brady.

we have their annual birthday photoshoot coming up in a couple weeks and that following week mama and daddy are taking them on a special big girls only staycation.  they don’t know about it yet, but I am SO excited for them!  here’s to number five!

Parker + Jolie’s winter ONEderland

pancakes + pajamas 2nd birthday

milk + cookies 3rd birthday 

the ART in pARTy 4th birthday 

November 8, 2017

  1. Kristin says:

    Beautiful cakes! And they grow up so fast don’t they! It’s so not fair 🙁