photo every hour | Tuesday 11/14/17

time for another photo every hour!  its been awhile since I’ve documented our day this way.. it was summer and baker’s birthday!  I’m not sure why but these posts fall into my most favorite to share. I think part of it has to do with the fact that its super easy and low pressure- just share the pictures from our day:) I had grand plans to post about our Sunday but 5:30pm rolled around and I had taken a nap after church.. and then forgot to take pictures after I woke. it ended up being a really lame day- so, Tuesday it is!


Brady has been sleeping pretty well- and I’m really thankful. he’s been waking between 4:30-5:30 am to eat versus 2-3am and again at 6am.  I’m surprised because the fact that he is actually been really under the weather this week with a cold.. but I’ll take what I can get! I shared a picture last week on my stories of Baker and Brady cuddling in his crib- well here they are again. it is basically the cutest thing I have ever seen to watch Baker love on her little brother. of course I think part of the bond they have created is a reflection of how Parker and Jolie act towards him, and so she follows suit, but she really loves him. the moment she hears “buddy” in the morning she runs into his room, turns off the sound machines and climbs into his crib for about 20 minutes. they play and giggle and then eventually he’s done with it and I come in to rescue him:)


coffee. my day doesn’t officially begin without it. Jordan was on his way home from the fire station this morning, and he’s usually walks in the door before 8am after his 24 hour shift.  which also means that it was my off day from bootcamp.  I have a really hard time motivating myself to go workout later in the day if I don’t go at 5am.

ALSO- if you are looking for a great Christmas/birthday/anniversary gift, head over to six eleven co for a coffee mug– the size and shape of her mugs are my FAVorite. her signs are amazing, too! also, find my coffeemaker HERE🙂


Tuesdays and Thursdays are school days for Baker at a little church up the street from our house.  she goes to Mother’s Day Out program from 9a-2p and LOVES it.  getting our teeth brushed and dry shampoo blended in.  I was completely out of my favorite dry shampoo (HERE) so I grabbed some herbal essences bio renew volume dry shampoo from Target on Monday. it was kinda sticky after I put it in my hair (it comes out wet?  maybe I didn’t shake it up well enough?) but I liked how my hair felt overall throughout the rest of the day. it smells amazing, too!

Baker’s dress and cardigan are handmedowns, but you can find her velvet bow HERE!  her Christmas line launches TODAY, btw.  don’t tell your husband. 


I dropped Baker off at school and made a swing through the post office and dropped the twins’ birthday party invites in the mail! 


working on some blog/social media promos!  a lot of what I do on the blog happens in one or two days during the week when I have someone to help.  Jordan was home to help with Brady and the twins so I spent sometime working on the blog and deadlines I have coming up.  sharing soon!

AND.. y’all that candle right there.. you need one.


Christmas happened in our house!! Jordan has always had a strict rule for the Christmas decor to go up the weekend after Thanksgiving, and not a minute earlier.  this year he randomly mentioned wanting to put it up sooner and I jumped all over that chance! I love our tree in all sliver and white, but on the mantle I add some red and gold.. mainly because this banner is my favorite piece of decoration that I own. this one is a couple years old, but pearl & jane has and updated version in her shop, HERE! after posting a little snippet of our Christmas decor on my stories yesterday and was encouraged to do a Christmas Home Tour on the blog.. what do y’all think about that??  


more Christmas stuff!  Jordan and the big girls helped put the tree together while Brady napped- we were able to get it all done in a couple hours! my bottle brush trees are from sweet lulu last season (I actually got them for the twins’ art party), but I saw some really cute ones at Target this week! along with the most darling nativity scene HERE


lunch.  this is what I eat about 90% of the time for lunch. (double protein) English muffin + guacamole + boars head honey maple turkey. I’ll usually eat some baked Cheetos (hi, I have toddlers.) and a greek yogurt with it or an apple + string cheese. 


preschool pick up!  and Miss Baker not wearing what I sent her to school in. apparently she squeezed yogurt all over herself at lunchtime.  hey, at least her bow matches. looking good with her boots!


we headed straight to the ENT for a check on Baker’s tubes. she’s been having trouble with her right ear and we’ve had a couple procedures trying to unblock the clog and salvage that tube- heres to one more round of drops.  luckily.. even with a terrible cold (like Brady), her ears look awesome!


costco.  and probably the last time I wear Brady in my Solly.  boy is HEAVY. have you tried the chestnut praline latte ICED?  so good.


finally home with the Costco haul and the rush began to get these hangry kids fed.  on this night I relied on the toaster oven to feed those mouths:: chicken + cheese taquitos +  guacamole + a spoonful of peanut butter + fruit snacks for dessert  


showers for everyone!  Brady LOVES the shower!  it put a bath mat on the floor of the shower and he sits and plays so happily with the girls.


ready for bed and fresh + clean in our fire truck jams! a sweet friend got these for us before Brady was born and he finally fits into them- SO sweet, right?? 


books + bed time for the big girls.


time to catch up on our realllly full DVR. we watched this is us (OMG, I bawled.) and blue bloods while we ate dinner.  Jordan ate egg tacos and I had pb+ banana toast. fancy, y’all.


time for bed!  

November 15, 2017

  1. Tammy says:

    Personally, I think the Christmas Home Tour post would be wonderful. I always love seeing how everyone decorates for the holidays. I too, cry at This Is Us. It is hands down my favorite show!!

  2. Carolyn Holley says:

    I always love these posts too. And yes, definitely do a Christmas home tour!

  3. Alvina says:

    What are egg tacos?!

  4. Kelly says:

    Love these posts!

  5. Mandy says:

    I love these kinds of posts! It’s so fun to see how other people spend their days 🙂 they’re also fun to write for memory’s sake because then you’ll be able to remember what life was like during that period of time!

  6. Kerri says:

    Where are the kids Christmas pajamas from?

  7. Katy says:

    Yes a home Christmas decor tour post would be awesome! A home tour post in general! And I love that lunch idea, so simple and yummy!!

  8. Kylie Murdock says:

    Christmas Home Tour – yes, genius and gorgeous idea! Also, your lunch looks so good. Trying that out next week… and where is your Donut shirt from? Might need that for Christmas 🙂

  9. Haden Gray says:

    These are my FAVORITE posts to read!! Momma, anything about yalls day is precious and fun to read! I’m from Texas but live in London and everyone puts a tree up two weeks before Christmas and I find that sacreligious. hehe! Thankfully hubby has gotten used to my Texan ways and decor is about to go up! Love that mug, will have to get one of those. 😉

  10. Christina says:

    Love the Christmas home idea!!! Wondering how you get the lights on your mantle to look sooo fab!!!

  11. Kristin says:

    Awww such a great post!! Love your house! <3