a few thoughts for 2018

5 years ago, on New Years Eve, I was four week postpartum from delivering the twins. elbow deep in diapers and feeding a baby (or two)  around the clock- we were first time parents juggling two babies at once. I don’t even know how long it had been since I washed my hair, but we laid in bed together watching the ball drop and desperately tried to stay awake so I could attempt the dream feeding thing I had read about on a random parenting board.

it wasn’t the most luxurious NYE we have ever had but one I will never forget.

here we are, a handful of years later, and our plans for NYE still consisted of laying in bed trying to stay awake until the ball dropped.  last year (I was mega pregnant with Brady) we ordered in sushi and watched a movie. we decided this year that pajamas+ slippers sounded way better than heels + a fancy dress for the evening.

so glam, you guys. but its the season of life we are in right now and I wouldn’t change anything about it.  for some 2017 was the best year ever. for our family, 2017 consisted of the highest of highs and the lowest of lows. probably the most challenging year, emotionally and physically, as parents in the 5 years since we started this gig. while I would love to forget those moments of hell and start fresh with this new year ahead- those moments molded and changed our family and we were shown the Lord’s true gift of redemption in the midst of chaos.

2017 also held the most precious gift of all- the birth of our prince, Brady Jordan. watching those three sister girls dote + love him to death is something I will never forget. he’s the perfect addition to our family and I would never want to move on too quickly from the year that holds those memories for us.   whatever side of the fence you’re on this year, start 2018 with a clean slate and a positive outlook. remember those beautiful moments you want to look back on forever- the ones that are etched in your memory stone.

personally, I love to set goals + resolutions but I wanted to do it a little different this year.  in addition to a few personal resolutions I am going to try to focus on one word to help put a theme to our life as we move through the next year::


our life is definitely a revolving door of change and movement. this word is unique in that it holds value to all things for us as a family right now and for what 2018 and beyond might hold for us.  hold focus and revolve on a central axis, which, of course, is the Lord. stop trying to figure out this life and managing it ourselves, which always proves to be a complete disaster.

::a few other personal life resolutions for 2018::

  1. learning to accept change graciously
  2. seeking redemption in my broken emotions
  3. letting go of my fears of the unknown
  4. mindfulness and being ‘present’ to myself, my family, and my friendships

2018 is already panning out to be a year of revolving change for us as Jordan and I have walked through our personal, marriage, and family goals together. I’m SO excited to see what 2018 holds, what memories will be made, and really lending an ear to HEAR what the Lord is trying to teach me/us. I’m hoping that keeping up with this word/theme for 2018 :: revolve :: that I’ll be more mindful of the Lord’s work in my life.  its always easy (for me) to look back and say “OH, OK.. I see what you did there.” instead of finding the peace in a stressful moment to dive into what in the world might be in God’s plan for me.

resolutions or no resolutions? I’d love to hear!!

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photography by :: averie claire

mama + mini pajamas :: albion fit

personalized necklace :: jays + jewels

quilt ::  anthropologie



December 31, 2017

  1. aside from holding my babies as long as i can for as long as i can i’m going to steal your letting go of fears for the unknown. as a mama i’ve become the most anxious ‘dooms day’ version of myself. i find it so hard to let go and it’s out of fear. i look to HIM often in those moments but know it’s me that won’t let go long enough to trust in HIM and HIS intentions. ugh #momlife happy new year!!!!!!!

  2. love your perspective and that too is a goal of mine- – to see HIM more in the heat of the moment as well as after too!
    happy new year!!

  3. Megan says:

    Your photos are absolutely stunning! Such a lovely post – you’re right, being present is so important and something I think many of us could be more mindful of. I don’t have resolutions as such but I have a goal of kickstarting my freelance writing again. I lost a lot of confidence in my skills after having my son and taking a break but I’m ready to see where I can take it now.

    Hope you have a wonderful year!