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oh 2017. you came and went in a blink of an eye and I still cannot believe you’re over! I’ve been doing these posts every year for the last 8 years (since 2010!) and I swear every time I think that our years couldn’t possibly be any better or busier than the previous year before.. but once again, I was wrong.
2017 was pretty good.


we kicked off the year with a maternity photoshoot in honor of my baby boy belly– it was about 30 degrees.. much like the weather currently in Dallas, but made for the most beautiful photos of Jordan and me.


a couple of my closest girlfriends took me to the spa in leu of a baby shower– there were no cameras or phones allowed so we legit snuck into the bathroom stall to snap a photo to document the time- ha! it was such a good day! 
Brittany documented this bump in the most beautiful way before the days were over! 


BABY MONTH! we put the final touches on the nursery, packed our bags, and waited patiently for March 20th to arrive!
in between all that baby excitement, we finished Parker + Jolie’s big girl room
the greatest moment of 2017 hands down:: welcoming baby Brady.
the big girls meeting Brady for the first time is among my top 5 mama moments, EVER.


spending our days with a sleepy newborn wasn’t so bad.  he was (and still is!) the most popular person in the house!
so many helping hands for Brady’s first bath!
we celebrated Easter as a family of SIX! 
and I was finally able to put the finishing touches on Brady’s nursery after the canvas prints came to hang perfectly above his crib.
we ended April with a baby boy sip and see!


Jordan was honored with the life saving award for his bravery on a call pulling a man out of a burning car. watching the video of him saving that man takes my breath away. SO proud of our guy.
we spent Mother’s Day at the lake with friends- my first Mother’s Day as a mama to four!
..and we took a road trip to visit Nana + Duke in Austin


Parker and Jolie finished preschool and we kicked off the summer!
Auntie + Uncle J welcomed baby Carter to the mix of our crazy crew- the girls welcomed him with open arms and lots of snuggles! 
June also marked the start of a crazy roller coaster of emotions and months of dealing with the unknown regarding Jolie’s health. this was the most stressful month of our lives and we are so thankful for the doctors and our pediatrician for the thorough steps taken to cover all the bases.
we tried to keep the norm when Jolie was feeling well! so it didn’t stop us from spending another weekend at the lake with our friends.


we kicked off my favorite summer month celebrating the fourth with friends  
and we celebrated with the most fun flamingle party EVER– like for real. I want my own flamingle. 


we finally got some answers regarding Jolie’s on and off fever episodes and sickness. a diagnosis of PFAPA changed the game for us in the way we treat her symptoms and the plan of action we will have for future. SO thankful to have a diagnosis and even more thankful that the C word (cancer) was removed from the table completely.
the end of August also marked my last days working outside the home. I’m still a dietitian- keeping up with my certs and CEs, but with the addition of another babe into the mix, Jordan’s schedule, and the ebb + flow of Jolie’s health it was clear that it was time for us to make this decision for me to be home full time.


miss Baker started preschool 2’s!  we opted to keep the twins out this year mainly because of Jolie’s health- when it was time to enroll the twins in school Jolie was in the worst shape and emotionally I just needed to keep them home with me.. by the time she was feeling well enough the pre-K spots were completely full.. so Baker is the only one in school right now and she’s having the time of her life being a two year old.
our Brady Jordan celebrated 6 months of his sweet little life!
this mama turned 33 and spent it amongst one million pumpkins at the arboretum


its fall, y’all! even tho most days were 90 degrees, we had a handful of perfect 70 degree days- and you better believe we spent them at the pumpkin patch.
we spent the best date night ever at the Magnolia Silobration with good friends and yummy food.
and made a long weekend out of it and stayed to visit Nana + Duke.. and more pumpkins, just in another city 🙂
our annual family pictures also happened in October, as they always do!  Baker made for a good laugh with her sobbing fits in the middle of about half the photos- but Brady won the entire day.
HALLOWEEN.  how in the world will I top this one in 2018?


lots of low key family time this month- but we trotted before turkey in the 50th anniversary Dallas Turkey Trot and had the best time! the weather was perfect for a morning in the sun.
we spent Thanksgiving at Tim + Teresa’s house with Jordan’s family as we have the last several years, and once again Teresa knocked it out of the park with the spread of food and dessert! her pies are THE BEST.


december is always a busy month!!  we kicked off the month with a trip to Great Wolfe lodge with our birthday girls!  it was so good to spend one on one time with those two.
we had the most amazing unicorn photoshoot to document Parker & Jolie turned 5!
..and officially celebrated with the sweetest unicorn party with family and friends.
we knocked nearly everything off our December bucket list, including ice skating and seeing the big man in red!
we made Christmas sugar cookies for Santa on Christmas Eve and continued traditions both old and new this year!
I can’t believe how quickly this year flew by- but while putting this post together and looking back., mostly with tears in my eyes, we have been through a lot. its been the best year, even with the chaos over the summer combined with postpartum emotions and a brand new baby.. but in the moment I swear my head was spinning.
heres to 2018! I am so excited and very curious as to what you hold for us!

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