Christmas | 2017

where has this week gone?  we haven’t really done much of anything at all since the hustle and bustle of Christmas- the days are running together and ‘after-christmas’ sales are taking all my monies 🙂 its been a rough go this month with sickness and I feel like I’m chasing my tail between the lack of sleep and who took what medicine last.  I’m pretty sure we’ve had a touch of the flu and sweet Jolie had a horrible fever episode last week and it lasted through Christmas. we still had a great time and when the fever isn’t present (managed with Tylenol and Motrin), Jo is in really great spirits! we kept it all just a little lower key so she could rest in between!

we started our holiday weekend with Saturday morning breakfast at our favorite spot, 7 mile cafe.  we went in our Christmas jams, which the girls thought was so silly! Brady came down with a cold on Thursday last week which actually was a double ear infection and we literally have had zero smiles for a week.. so no smiles to share of our usually happy boy, but he did pound some pancakes! “get these girls OFF of me, MOM!”Christmas Eve started early for us- we headed to church at our normal 9am time on Sunday morning. we decided to keep the big girls with us which proved to be as chaotic as having all four of them with us.  there were many more people than normal (as expected) and it seemed like the people on either side of us didn’t have kids or understood that kiddos are LOUD at the quiet moments, even with the color books I brought to help keep them busy. I was probably feeling a little insecure because Brady’s call number flashed on the screen 3 minutes into the sermon and then refused to sit without screaming, so Jordan stood at the door with him leaving me with the girls- which is usually fine!

Parker spilled her drink about 637 times and I proceeded to follow suit by kicking my coffee over not once, but twice which prompted (a very thoughtful) someone three rows up to pass down tissues..  Jolie let out a sobbing scream at Parker over a green crayon during the prayer and when it was time to pass the lit candles the girl next to me asked “did you want to light your candle? I didn’t know if that would be too much for you..

“oh yes, for sure! thank you!”

.. when really I just wanted to craw under my seat into the puddle of Starbucks on the floor and hide forever.we walked out of there sweating, but looking back at the time with the girls being able to sing during the candle lit service standing by my side- they won’t look back and remember the chaos I was feeling. they had no idea. I’m really actually very glad we went.. and stayed considering the crazy sequence of events.

we went from church to meet Jordan’s family for brunch before heading home.  we made a pit stop at the Gaylord to see Santa just ONE more time! we walked around, coffee in hand, and enjoyed the gorgeous decorations draped on every inch of that place. it sort of allowed me to decompress from the hectic morning before heading home to kick start the Eve festivities I had planned!we got home and the girls opened their brand new Christmas jammies while I prepped the cookie dough so it could chill before we cut + baked them.  we made homemade pizza and ate as a family and then dove head first into a giant pile of flour and sugar cookie dough on the counter top.  we watched Home Alone and got started on our Santa duties WAY too late.  I always say that I will work on wrapping and putting together earlier and I never do it.

the kids actually slept in until after 8am.. mainly because we had all three of the girls on palettes on the floor of our room since Jo was running high fever still. we threw some cinnamon rolls (from a can) in the oven and tore into the presents! we stayed in our jams all day long- THE best! we napped and ate and played with all our new things. lalaloopsy dolls + calico critters were the highlight of the girls’ day. Jo finally stopped running fever after 8 days so we made plans with Auntie + Uncle J to take the kids bowling and hang out for lunch afterwards. these kids have been friends since birth! looking forward to many years ahead of making memories with them!I hope you all had the most beautiful holiday!  I can’t believe we are just days away from the New Year!


December 29, 2017

  1. Darcy says:

    Oh my gosh the cuteness! I think suck kiddos was a theme this Christmas ???? Emery and Kanan were both sick too which was such a bummer. Hope the Hanna jams worked for the kiddos and sorry the package was months late ???? big luvs and hugs! Darcy

  2. Darcy says:

    Oh my gosh the cuteness! I think sick kiddos was a theme this Christmas ???? Emery and Kanan were both sick too which was such a bummer. Hope the Hanna jams worked for the kiddos and sorry the package was months late ???? big luvs and hugs! Darcy

  3. Haden Gray says:

    Just looove that grin on sweet Baker’s face as you can see the giddiness and joy that radiates from that sweet girl! Love your week and completely know the feeling… we had 10 days off work over here and it’s flown by in a blink of an eye. Also found a Dyson Animal 50% off and had to buy one and need to stop shopping. 😉

  4. Julie says:

    What a sweet time with your family you had! I always say I’m long to wrap gifts early too, and I’m always doing it late at night Christmas Eve. I guess the end result is the same, but there is definitely always a moment (or several) full of dread right after the Christmas Eve service when I realize how much work I have left to do before I can sleep. ????