Christmas Gift Guide for Girls | 2-3 years

another gift guide to start your Monday!  I have litter of people to buy for.. so were still riding that wave.  today is all about miss Baker, my 2 year old!  Baker is REALLY into imaginary play at this age, much more than the twins ever were around this time and probably hit that stage around 3.5 yrs or so.  so for her gift guide I focused on some practical items she needs/wants along with toys that will accentuate her raging imagination!

3-wheel scooter :: we actually have this scooter already and while the girls wheel around the cul-de-sac on their bikes Baker scoots along with them on this three wheel scooter.  very age appropriate for her little size. we got her a small bike with training wheels from a Facebook garage sale page and she definitely prefers this scooter over the bike right now.

magnatiles :: this is Baker’s, as well as her big sisters’, “big” Santa gift this year.  Baker loves to build with legos and stack blocks.  she spends hours playing by herself with a giant pile of legos in front of her and I have heard awesome things about these magnatiles from other mamas with kids of similar ages. what I was not expecting was the price of these tile blocks!  holy expensive! but I have confidence we will get great use out of them- so it will be worth it.

tegu blocks :: a recommendation by a fellow twin mama friend of mine, Danielle– she calls these “restaurant blocks”. she pulls out these little pouches of magnetic tegu blocks at restaurants as opposed to letting her kids have screen time with her phone and they love them!  I confess to resorting to handing Baker the phone to watch a movie if she’s extra fidgety and fussy, so I’m excited to put one of these tegu block sets in each of the girls’ stockings!

trendy toddler :: clothes are always an easy gift to give.  the kids don’t care about them (yet), but OMG the bomber jacket!  and the sweater with a deer face?! AND grey satin jeans. for my toddler. I just want this entire outfit in my size.  all of it.  ESPECIALLY the jacket. Target is literally killing it in the clothing department. bravo.

furry slippers ::  ok! more slippers!  spoiler alert.. there are slippers on Brady’s gift guide, too 😉 I want these in my size.  SO bad.

puzzles :: Baker LOVES puzzles!  if she’s not hoarding legos she’s sprawled out in the playroom using her little brain to complete puzzles over and over. we have several Melissa & Doug puzzles from the twins time at this age- she completes each one about 50 times a day, so I think those might be ready to retire and it would be fun for her to open some of her own.

rainbow cushion :: for those lazy days of lounging in our jams with a full stack of movies on the agenda.  it also matches her room, so a win for mom when she makes her bed.

mini dress up lalaloopsy dolls :: another boast to imaginary play for Baker.  we got Baker one of these doll houses, also on Parker + Jolie’s gift guide, and along with the little calico critters Baker is going to get lala’s. the twins got some around the same age and Baker has recently taken a liking to playing dress up of these mini dolls.

December 4, 2017

  1. Stephanie says:

    This alphabet puzzle has a place kids can stand letters up and make words!

    And magnatiles are so worth it!

  2. Hailey Orsak says:

    We bought our boys an Oil Drip Pan from Auto Zone and they play with their Magna Tiles on it. On Zulily once, I found a large 12 in x 12 in Magna tile square for them to use as well. HOURS of fun!!!

  3. Mandi says:

    We have so many LEGO and blocks but I never know how to store them! Maybe that should be your Jan 1st post ? ‘How to organize the toy madness’