happy birthday, Brady Jordan

Brady, my sweet buddy!! you are ONE!  can I just go on the record to say that this was THE fastest year ever. over the last year  our family welcomed an incredible amount of change but you were the greatest joy and addition we could have ever imagined- none of us could think of our life without you in it. one year ago today we arrived early to the hospital and my mind was racing about the hours that lay ahead for me and for you.. meeting you for the first time. holding your tiny self. tracing your perfect face. getting to see what this boy mom business was all about! since birth you have blessed us with your bright personality, contagious smiles and sweet times spent with your big sisters.  so many things come flooding to my mind as I think about this first year of your little life, Brady. you are one very special little man.

we spent a good time of those 9 months of you growing inside my belly contemplating your name. after having three girls we never thought a boy was in the cards for us! we were set with a girl name and plans for a girl nursery.. and expected the balloon to pop pink! so when it came to naming you, Brady Jordan, it had to fit perfectly. convincing your dad that it was okay to name you after himself proved to be more difficult than I thought! finally I cornered him in a three hour car ride and we decided.

it has given me nothing but pure joy to watch you reach and succeed in these major milestones in the first year: rolling, sitting, pulling up, crawling, big boy hair cuts, sleeping through the night (praise JESUS), ..and now saying your first words! I swear you have been holding back on me. I’ve been trying to get you to wave for months and all the sudden you decided (yesterday) as we watched the trash man loading our lawn clippings, was the perfect time to toss a wave.. and casually say “hi!” and he waved back with a little beep of his horn and it made your entire day!

so many fun things and moments and memories to look back on over this last year.   you were a handful in your early months and around 10 months you flipped a switch and every day just gets better! I’m totally loving this age with you, sweet boy.

the complete disarray of your hair when you wake from a good nap. your demands of turning on Alexa to pandora and not to mention the hard shake of your head + arms in the air when you catch a tune + beat. the crazy face squeals and screeches when you are the most happy.. you happy scream more than ANY of your sisters ever did! it catches me off guard about 5 x day. one of these days I’ll grow to expect it but it doesn’t seem like it any time soon! the love of your stuffed Mickey Mouse and insisting on giving him a big hug and sugars before getting out of your crib in the morning and after nap! when you are being extra silly and you blow air out of your clenched teeth with a giant grin on your face. OMG thats the best. and I cannot forget the smirk you give me when I call your name because you are getting into something you aren’t supposed to.. and then face plant into the floor or bed to be silly when I threaten to come get you.

you are just too much, Brady.

over the last year we have been through it all! the good times are too many to count.. but I cant forget those bumps along the way.  during those first few months I can never recall being more exhausted in my entire life!  you cried and fussed a lot and we fought and eventually won the reflux battle. you nursed around the clock for relief of your sore little throat and the bright side to that was that I loved keeping you in the Dockatot right next to us through every night until you were almost 5 months old. you still love to be rocked before bed and you burrow your head into my neck and tuck your hands under your belly as we sway to the hum of “Jesus Loves Me” before putting you in your crib.

your big sisters absolutely adore you and want nothing more than to make you laugh. you are rarely called “Brady” and answer to bud, buddy, and brother more often than your actual name! your dad giggles so hard at your crazy faces and you guys love to rough house! he also loves to cuddle you and often asks to put you to bed every chance he gets. your BB cannot get enough of your sweet love for her and the joy you bring.  papa just giggles with every grin you give.. and Tim and Teresa ask to see your sweet little face every day!

you are loved my sweet little boy.  loved BIG TIME.

today is all about you.

and may it be the happiest.

we love you, brother!

photography by: b faith photography 

infant turn out gear :: itsy bitsy wear

cake banner :: pearl + jane

cake :: jenny layne bakery

custom ‘one’ crown :: little blue olive

one candle cake tee :: trilogy design co

star moto pants :: hm

chuck taylor sneakers :: converse


March 20, 2018

  1. Laci says:

    Happy Birthday Brady!!! Brady is the CUTEST kid.

  2. So cute! My favorite is the one of you trying to catch the cake! Lol. He’s a handsome little one! Lock up your daughters! 🙂

  3. Stephanie Allen says:

    Gah! Just too cute for words!!! Happy 1st Birthday B! Can’t wait to see pics of his party!

  4. Cassidy C says:

    Oh my goodness, isn’t he the sweetest?!? I just adore your family! I have been following for quite some time and this time last year, I was pregnant with my first, also a boy, and we were due within a few days of each other. I have to admit that I was quite jealous seeing you hold your baby and I was still pregnant ha! Here it is, already one year later, and I’m so not looking forward to my baby’s first birthday lol. Happy Birthday, Brady!!

  5. Tammy says:

    Happy Birthday Brady!! The pictures of him and his daddy at the fire station are so precious.

  6. CC says:

    Happy first birthday to Brady! I love the last pic…it’s like, “hey, what happened to my cake?” He’s precious!

  7. Ashley says:

    He legit looks 5yrs old in the cake pictures!! He is such a ham 🙂

  8. Kaila says:

    the last picture!!!! so freaking cute!!

  9. Paty says:

    Happy birthday Brady!!! The last two pics are the best ones ????

  10. Tasha Allen says:

    Happy Birthday Brady! He’s so adorable and looks so much like Baker in some of those pictures it’s crazy!

  11. What a sweet tribute to your little man! I also love the mom dive bomb for the cake! Happy birthday, Brady!

  12. Karissa says:

    those last two pictures…..muhahaha so perfect 🙂

  13. Ashlee says:

    the last two!!!! so funny! and i am laughing my head off at HaiHai, the chicken, in the window of the fire truck. HBD Brady!

  14. Heather says:

    I love everything about this post!!! Brady is such a doll!! I can’t believe he’s a year old already…I remember reading the post when you did your gender reveal and I, too, expected the balloon to pop pink! Your kids are the cutest!