2019 holiday gift guide :: 2-4 years

Space Man Pajamas:: I am so excited to see Brady’s face when he spots these Space Man pajamas. I love to gift pajamas and when the grandparents ask about gifts for my kids, I always suggest pajamas! they are an easy and fun gift to give, and these are so unique and imaginative! anything to make bed time a little more fun! 

Color Wonder Light Up Stamper:: all of my kids are big fans of arts and crafts, which can sometimes end in a hot mess.. that’s why moms everywhere rejoice over Color Wonder! I love this little stamp station as an option for Brady (age 2) or Baker (age 4) to get their craft on without stamps ending up in places they aren’t supposed to! the color wonder paintbrush pens are a staple for us and something easy to bring along in the car for road trips (and would make the perfect stocking stuffer!) so I am excited to see how this stamper works! 

Freshly Picked Chelsea Boot:: we have been wearing Freshly Picked since birth (all five of the babes!) and we are so excited to get to keep wearing them as they grow. you guys know our love for quality, cute, durable shoes and these are all of the above. I am definitely snagging a pair of these trendy Chelsea Boots for Brady and love these Metallic High Tops for Baker (the twins have these, and I LOVE THEM!). if you aren’t a Fringe member already, you should be! these are 20% off with that membership 🙂 

Barbie Sparkle Unicorn :: why get a regular unicorn when you can get one that lights up and plays music as you brush her mane? Baker tells me almost daily that she wants a pet unicorn, dress like a unicorn, BE a unicorn?! this will be the highlight of her gifts under the tree.

Frozen 2 Singing Elsa ::with Frozen 2 coming out this month, I fully expect Frozen mania to take over our house once again. Baker was just a newborn when the first movie came out, but developed a love for all things Elsa later on. I can’t wait for her to fall in love with all the new songs and music and think this is going to be a huge gift this season!

Kiwi Co Crate :: we have been getting the Kiwi Crates subscription for almost 2 years now- and I’ve said it over and over but this is the most fun mail my kids ever receive! they love their Kiwi Crates! the kids get so excited when they see the box land on the door step. I love that they have age appropriate activities for everyone in the family (perfect for age 0-16!). they are always educational, hands on and keep the kids entertained. I especially love that it’s something we can do together to create memories and spend quality time as a family. I gifted a subscription to my niece and nephew last year and think its a great idea for kids of all ages! you can use THIS LINK to try Kiwi Co for free (you can also use code MASSEYA), just pay $4.95 for shipping 🙂

Electric Light Blocks :: all my kids have loved playing with blocks. they are classic! our favorite game around here is knock down the tower your sibling just built (ha!), which is fun for everyone! these blocks are especially awesome because they light up! a glowing robot? a luminous tower? a gleaming superhero? the possibilities are endless!

Construction Plates:: dont play with your food, said every mother that didn’t have these FUN plates!! we love to make meal times as fun as possible- especially with a certain picky 2 year old (who am I kidding, my four year old is just as picky.. I wish they all ate like Baylor, ha!) what kid wouldn’t love to scoop up their peas with an excavator spoon or stab a chicken with a dump truck fork? I also love this Garden Plate version for the girls!

miYou Alphabet Robot Toys:: you may have seen these Alphabet Robot toys on my stories from our trip to Broken Bow. our friends brought these camping and they were the hit of the weekend! they are basically little transformers that transform from robot to each letter of the alphabet. even the big girls loved these, so I could totally see them being a great gift for ages 2 and up!

a few more fun ideas for kids ages 2-4 years!

November 13, 2019

  1. Laci Jo says:

    We love the alphabet transformers !! Grabbed the number set this year !

  2. Allison says:

    Such a great list! I have a 2 year old daughter and a 2 year old nephew so this list is very helpful. 🙂