6 + Affordable Home Decor Styles from Amazon

If you are like me and love Anthropologie, this post is for you. From rugs to boho art, I’m sharing some excellent home decor styles for less #foundonamazon.

Abstract Art

This piece of art comes as a set and adds the perfect boho look to any room. These pieces are professionally printed on custom-built framed canvas. There are lots of other styles to pick from that are all beautifully made. I will warn you – you will want all of them.

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Persian Rug

A rug can really make an entire room and be the focal point. This rug is thin and comes in a variety of sizes to fit any room. If you are looking for an entryway rug, this is a great option because it doesn’t get caught by the door like other high pile rugs. It adds the perfect pop of color and does come in several color options. We use carpet tape to hold our rugs in place – this has been one of our best finds on Amazon.

rug aestheticAesthetics

This is a super cute wood bowl that can serve multi-purposes. It can easily be used as serving wear, a fruit bowl or a cute decorative piece. If used on a bookshelf or coffee table, I suggest adding these wood bead garlands or wooden chain links along to the bowl.

Floor Lamp

Whether your home decor style is boho, #mcm or traditional, this is a great piece. It is an affordable price point and comes in 3 color options. I like a floor lamp where the on/off button is a pedal that allows for an easy tap of the foot to turn it on and off.

Coffee Table Books

Design and fashion books are some of my favorite coffee table books. This book gives practical design and decorating suggestions. If you love Pinterest, you will love this book.

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Glass Vases + Faux Plants

Glass vases are so beautiful on their own. BUT, I love to throw in my boho style and add some faux plant stems. I like this set of pampas grass because it’s a set of 3 different styles where I can add all 3 to one vase or keep them separate and add to multiple vases – all depending on the size of the vase. Another faux plant I like to add is Eucalyptus. It’s a classic and easy option to add to any vase. Keep them separate or add them all to one vase. You can’t go wrong.

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Shope all the home style inspirations here.

Do you keep the same home decor styles throughout your entire home? Or do you have one room boho or traditional, one room mid-century modern, and another contemporary? I love the fall season and the home decor that goes along with it. With fall comes Halloween. Which is one of my favorite holidays. If you are looking for Halloween inspiration, check out this post.

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September 9, 2022


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