Stocking Stuffer Gift Ideas

I’m not sure what I love more? Putting stocking stuffers in the stocking or watching the kids get so much joy out of watching my kids get mesmerized over what is in their stockings. Are stocking stuffer gifts your kids’ favorite? There’s something for everyone.

If you do stockings in your family, do you hang them up where they’ve been all season or do you place them somewhere else?

Stocking stuffers

Headlamp Flash Lights

These come in a pack of 5 which is perfect for our family. They are super fun to use at night for a game of tag or if you are a camping family, these come in handy.

Welly Bandages

Bandages are all the rave in our house. Whether there is a real need for them or not, they are a popular item with our crew.

Silly Putty

I can remember receiving this when I was growing up. It’s fun to give things to my kids that I enjoyed when I was growing up.

Crayola Slick Stix

These are great for any age 2+ and a little different than everyday crayons.

Crocs Charms

Let your kids add a little something to personalize their crocs. The possibilities are endless!


All-time favorite. The littles love to pop them and the bigs love to blow bubbles for the littles.

Spot It!

Great game for the entire family to play together. It’s small enough so you can bring on car rides or even out to eat.


Need I say anymore? But in all seriousness, these are great items for just about anyone.

Bean Boozled 

This is another great one to play as a family! It doesn’t have to just be for the kids though. If you’ve never played, there are 10 normal flavored jelly beans and 10 look alike jelly beans but are weird flavored. You spin the wheel to see what color you get and then you eat the jelly bean and hopefully you don’t get stuck with Stinky Socks flavor.


Another great gift to play as a family. If you haven’t played this, it’s great for all ages (no reading required). You will all be laughing minutes into starting the game. I promise.


Fun activity/game for kids 7+. This is a solo-played game and more of a puzzle, brain teaser game.

Bella Tunno Teething Flashcards

How sweet are these teething cards? I love the design and the educational component. They are great for car rides, stroller rides, or independent play. Use code BT-AmberMassey for 20% off.

Bath Bombs 

These are great gift items to keep on hand. This particular brand has a little squishy toy as a surprise and will fill bath time with fun and bubbles.

Be sure to check out my other gift guide for Older Kids. I hope all of you have a wonderful holiday season.

Stocking Stuffer Gift Ideas

October 11, 2021

  1. Callie Ward says:

    Thank you!! Love all the ideas