10 Gifts Ideas for Galentine’s Day

February 14th. It’s the busiest day for Hallmark and Florist. I love that Galentine’s became to be a thing. It’s so fun to make all those besties in your life feel all the love.  Your mom crew, your work wives, or your best friends, it’s fun to them how much you care. I recently attended a floral-making event at the Four Seasons with Something Pretty Floral which got me thinking about fun gifts for girlfriends. So, I put together 10 gift ideas for Galentine’s Day.

1. Coffee Mugs

I know. We all probably have more than enough coffee mugs. But how does one pass these up? And these come in a set of two. So keep one for yourself. Think of it as the modern-day best friends necklace. Every morning your BFF will think of you.

2. Candle

The Anthropologie Volcano candle is one of those iconic gifts. If you have never purchased or been gifted a Volcano candle, the hype is real.

3. Jewelry

Accessories are always a great gift option. My go-to are any of BB’s earrings. She just created some beautiful new earrings to add to her collection. The pink ones are the perfect pop of color. I also love to wear bracelets that stack. This set is customizable to gift to your Galentine.

4. Front Door Mat

This heart doormat is hand-painted and a perfect one-of-a-kind gift. It’s the little things that bring joy coming and going from the house or when guests come over.

5. Beauty Finds

Who doesn’t love some new self-care beauty gifts? The Maracuja Juicy Lip Balm by Tarte has a shade for everyone. And I really believe there is no shade that doesn’t compliment everyone.

You can take the cozy route for gifting and give the gifts of bubble bath from Philosophy. Then have a little DIY Mani/Pedi. I love all the colors from OPI and the names they give each polish is hilarious.

Floral Making

6. Slippers

Slippers are usually a no-fail gift. It’s not something that one will purchase for one’s self, but it’s one of those things you didn’t know how much you would love until you have slipped your feet in.

7. Tea Set

While I know this may seem a little lame but not everyone loves coffee (I said what I said) and you need to put those coffee mugs to use. And this is the real stuff.

8. BrüMate

As a society, I think we are all obsessed with insulated tumblers. And I’m ok with that. I love all my BrüMate cups and use them almost daily.

9. Perfume

I know. This can such a personal choice. But trust me on this one. And, I would suggest getting the travel size so your friend can use it on a trial period.

10. Wine Glasses

When you start the day with coffee, most nights, the day is finished with wine. I feel the same way about coffee mugs as I do wine glasses. You can never have enough.

Here’s a little flashback of my Galentine’s with the twins while they make Valentine’s for their friends. Gosh. Those squishy cheeks! I know my top 10 Galentine Gifts looked different back then.


January 28, 2022


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