A {Rose} Gold Lined Double Swoon

Is it quiet possible to love your babes too much?  I mean, really.  I don’t know that I could fill my heart ANY more with how I feel for these sweet girls.


There is ALWAYS more room for baby fashion. I love it more than I think I love it for myself.  I have said it before (HERE) and professed it again (HERE) and the first time might have been (HERE) or but I can’t say that for sure.

Either way- small business owners/shops/creators – my hats off to you.  You know what you are doing and how to make me swoon over each and every piece.

Thank you to Brittany of BFaith Photography for capturing Parker and Jolie in the most precious setting.  We’ve discovered the beauty of the 10 minute impromptu shoot at 7pm.

That second wind these girls seem to get after dinner {I’ve talked about on Instagram (@masseya)}- it proves for amazing pictures in the evening.

Remember when I was dying over the Freshly Picked rose gold moccs (HERE)?  Well.  They were finally restocked  and I got my hands on a couple pair. Jolie is on the wire telling all her bebe girlfriends about them.. 
Sloane is on the other end since Parker won’t pick up..

I may or may not have attempted to fit the size 4 on my size 8.  Don’t judge me. Susan.  You’ve outdone yourself with these ones.  I was nervous the leather of the metallic would wear off poorly – but NO way.  Such high quality, and worth it if you find yourself on the fence for making the splurge.

Thats what you call a Double Swoon right there, and holy crap.  I’m in love.

I thought this was precious.. and then I went off and died when I saw the next one.  When Brittany sent me this one, I was in a meeting.  I nearly fell out of my chair.

Someone get BabyGap on the phone.

 Give a sister a ride, yo.

Very special thank you’s:
headwrap c/o: Pieces to Peaces
Swoon tee: Trilogy Design Co.
moccs c/o: Freshly Picked 
photography c/o: B Faith Photography
{all props provided by the photographer}


June 10, 2014

  1. These are the cutest pics! You're girls are adorable and I love the vintage feel of the photos

  2. Meredith says:

    This is my favorite photoshoot to date. Perfect props, perfect lighting, perfect outfits, perfect subjects. 🙂 So cute!! (And Sloane will always pick up the phone!)