8 Items To Help Organize Your Home Office

Hello 2022! 2021 was such an amazing year filled with so many memories with family and friends. Every January I get the itch to get organized. Time to donate the things we don’t use anymore, take the Christmas decor down (big sigh) and get my office back to reality. While some of us are reentering the actual office, the majority of us are in this new normal of working from home life. Having a clean workspace allows me to be so much more productive. I am listing some basic essentials to organize your home office to make WFH life a little more enjoyable.

1. Simple Desk

This desk is simple but clean and comes in a variety of sizes. It’s big enough to hold multiple monitors and is budget-friendly.


Organized Desk

2. Shelving

These are a great way to store any books or add a little extra decor to your desk. The shelves are adjustable and you can even separate to use on both sides of your desk.

3. Planner

I use my iCalendar for EVERYTHING. But I know there is something about writing down a to-do list and being able to cross through it. Or even see the entire month at a glance. I found these planners to be aesthetically pleasing and there are a few different options. These can be easily thrown into a backpack or purse.

4. Desk Mat

This desk mat is perfect for those of you using multiple monitors. One small mouse pad isn’t going to cut when you have to toggle between 2+ monitors. This mat is thin and will help keep your desk area neat.

5. Acrylic Wall Calendar

This wall calendar is perfect to add all your family’s calendar of events for the entire month. I like to add our dinner menu for the week on this so the kids to see what our week looks like.

6. USB Charger

Are chargers taking over your space? If found this as a great option to overcome the need for outlets.

amazon USB charger

7. Pen Holder

I always end up with a plethora of pens, scissors, markers, etc on my desk. I need all of these items multiple times a day and need them at a quick arms reach, and this holder is super cute on a desk.

Amazon pen holder

8. Desk Organizer

When you don’t have drawers on a desk, a command center is needed to hold all the things. Your planner, clips, pens. You name it, this will hold it.

Desk Organizer

Those of you who work from home, what are some of your best practices to help you stay organized? Do you have must-have items that keep your workspace organized? If you are looking for other ways to organize other areas of your home, check out this post for home essential organization.

Amazon organized office

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January 3, 2022


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