Year In Review | 2014

Looking back over this last year – I cannot believe how fast it went.  But you know what else I can hardly believe?  How much Parker and Jolie has changed.  Jolie especially.  The transformation from baby to toddler is so apparent as the months went on.
As I look back on this last year,  there were countless times of His grace in the calamity of my world.  So often I couldn’t see it at the moment, but looking back, there is nothing left to say but, 
‘ah-haaa.. I gotcha.’ 
The molding, preparing, suffering, surrendering to the repeat negativity of my thoughts, and above all surrendering to my own plans.  2014 was full of things that were completely out of my control, and while I fought it as long as I could, I would find myself on my knees begging for Him to take the reigns. His plan is always better anyways.. 
While 2014 marked my heart with a whole lot of HARD, it was also an amazing year of motherhood, 9 years of sweet marriage to my hubby, and growth and maturity in my Christian walk as God led and showed me things I never thought I would learn.  Seeds were planted, cared for, cultured and groomed.
ALL that being said – we have read each and every comment (both blog and social media) as well as gone through all of the emails sent.  You guys are OUTstanding.  The amount of encouragement and thanks for sharing our story gives me so much confidence in spilling my guts out.  If I have responded yet, I will!  Thank you!!  Seriously, from the bottom of our hearts.
Starting from the top with New Year’s Day 2014 at my boss’ house. He threw a great New Year’s Day party, and the amount of land this guy lives on, the girls had a blast!

 We also met up with a couple of other twin families in the DFW area for a Twinstagram Playdate – so fun to meet these people in real life!
This month marked the start of fun with these two and our styled photoshoots.  Having such amazing friends with amazing talent – and of course, my two little cooperative cuties made these much fun for everyone.
We took the girls on their first Road Trip to Austin – these girls and their daddy tagged along for a work conference and we did some site seeing while we were there.  We’ve been to Austin about a bazillion times, but it never gets old.    
 This sweet guy celebrated 32 years of life on March 3rd.
And these girls started to conspire together- I never realized how much fun and how very interesting being a twin mom could be until now.
Another fun styled shoot – Down the Rabbit Hole 
THE MOST fun of this month was The Color Run 2014.  You better believe we’re already gearing up for this run in 2015
Easter Fun with friends!  They had so much fun hunting the eggs, and of course eating the candy inside:)
 The girls also got their first taste of Texas Bluebonnets.  Literally.
We celebrated Cinco De Mayo with Supper Club friends and all the kiddos.
It had finally warmed up enough to pull out the kiddie pool – and we made the best purchase of the summer, a water table for Parker and Jolie!
We celebrated my 2nd Mother’s Day
..and Memorial Day very patriotically, I might add

Finally time to take the first of 987 dips in the neighborhood pool!  These girls couldn’t get enough of a good swim.  We went nearly every afternoon – and wiped them out for dinner and early to bed
SWOON – my favorite picture of Parker and Jolie.  Brit always captures them perfectly!
I don’t talk about it much, but I am a Field Editor for Taste of Home magazine, and frequently the Home & Family show features recipes from this magazine – and they happened to choose mine!  I had so much fun taping that show!
We celebrated the greatest Dad on earth for Father’s Day 2014
We kicked off the month of July with Sha’s annual Fire Department Pool Party. These are always over the top amazing, and a great time to get away. 
 While mom and dad were at play, Auntie and Uncle J took the twins for the most fun weekend of their own.  These two always loved spending the weekend and creating their own adventures with their favorite Auntie and Uncle!
 Our Fourth was spent outside, in the pool, with amazing company.
It was HOTT in July.  So that can only mean as much time in the water as we could get. 
We took Parker and Jolie to The Greatest Show On Earth – and much to my surprise, they spent the entire time in awe of the entire show! 
 We definitely have plans to go on 2015
 Me and this guy celebrated 9 years of marriage 
Circa 2003 – my High School Prom
..and 20 Months for these little ladies.   
I took my blogger knowledge to the next level and signed up on a whim to attend The Hundred Event that was hosted here in Dallas.  Some of my absolute favorite bloggers were hosting, and while I learned amazing things, I made some great friends, too!

 August also marked the end of the summer, and a Road Trip to Hot Springs for the Massey’s and the Dunaway’s

Potty training for these 20 month old toddlers.  They seemed ready, and proved us correct when they rocked it out with the Three Day Method.
 We pretty much stayed in our panties for the remainder of the summer.  I apologize to anyone that paid a visit to us during this key potty-training time.  My children were 50% naked 100% of the time.
Jordan participated in the Dallas 9/11 Memorial Stair Climb.  
What an incredulity emotional day it was for everyone

After about 11 attempts, I finally posted about my Day in the Life as momma and wife.  
I need to do this again super soon!
 BB & Papa gained another grand baby – Truett Roy made his debut, and we finally got to meet him, and fall in complete love with this little squish!
 I turned the big 3-0 and spent the entire day with my sweet family and a home cooked meal with our closest friends that evening.
Ashley & Jordan collaborated and threw me the most memorable thirtieth birthday party – A Movie Night Under the Stars.  I will never ever ever ever EVER forget it. So appreciative of my sweet friends! 

 ..and I went from blonde to red-head.  And totally love it!
Getting older and changing by the day.. October marks 22 Months for P&J!
 Jolie and Parker did outstanding in their debut as Flower Girls for Lauren and Taylor’s wedding
 ..and how can I forget- Halloween 2014.  One of the best nights ever!  These girls had so much fun!
Family photos have become much more fun with the girls now involved.  So much to be thankful for!
Getting into the Christmas spirit.  Our first of about 14 Christmas pajama options 
 We’ve been to the firestation many many times, but this time, for whatever reason, the girls really were SO interested in everything their dad showed them.  
FireHouse Rules, ya’ll.
 The day we visited Santa (unsuccessfully).. but also the day that we got to see our littlest Massey for the very first time. 
Thanksgiving 2014

Parker and Jolie are T-W-O!!  
 Their Pancakes and Pajamas party was absolute perfection 
Decorated Butter (sugar) Cookies.. which was interesting and messy
 We celebrated our little buddy, Jacob for his baseball themed 2nd birthday party
Celebrating our annual Christmas Eve tradition with BB and Papa!
 Christmas Morning, even though we were all feeling a tad under the weather, it was still a blast of a time with Parker and Jolie
Looking back like this makes me SO incredibly thankful I have been blessed.  2014 was a year of heartache and confusion, but also, as I remember back to January One, 2014, it was the most fun ever.  

Cheers to 2015!

Year In Review’s Past


January 1, 2015

  1. Ashley D says:

    Love this! 2015 will be eventful and s blast! We need a sleepover soon for sure .. Love you guys!

  2. I just love your bog. You have such a great outlook on everything. I love reading about your sweet little family. I am so happy for u and the new addition to your family. What a blessed little one to have you for a mama. Congratulations!!

  3. Ashley says:

    incredible how much the girls have grown up in the past year! WOW!

  4. The girls grew up SO MUCH thIs year! And couldn't possibly be any cuter:)

  5. The girls have grown up SO MUCH this year!
    And could not possibly be any cuter 🙂

  6. Kristina says:

    i loved reliving your year over again! crazy to think that all of that happened and it's now another year. I feel the same about how Lukas has grown – they sure don't look like babies anymore =/

    so pumped to meet this sweet little thing gracing y'alls lives VERY soon and everything else this year has in store! xoxo

  7. Such a gorgeous year for such a gorgeous family! Wishing you all the best every year thereafter!